Kindly note that the programme will still be subject to changes.


Thursday, October 26, 2023

Room 1 - Common Track

08:30-10:00 ESCR for ESTI Youngsters – Basics
   Moderators: G. Cundari, Rome/IT; M. Tregubova, Kyiv/UA

How to do a cardiac CT
  D. Beitzke, Vienna/AT
Clinical Applications for Cardiac CT
  M. Eberhard, Zurich/CH
How to do a cardiac MRI
   N. Galea, Rome/IT
Clinical Applications for Cardiac MR
  F.A. Pontana, Lille/FR


10:10-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-11:45 Opening Ceremony: Where heart and lungs meet
  Moderators: J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE; K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE

Welcome Address
  J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE; K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE
Short Animation Film Berlin
  K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE
Guidelines Pulmonary Hypertension: New Role of Imaging
  M. Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR
Pulmonary Hypertension due to Left Heart Disease: Role of CT and MR
  D. Gopalan, Stockholm/SE
Assessment of Pulmonary Hemodynamics: Can we predict mPAP by cross-sectional imaging?
   A. Swift, Sheffield/UK


11:45-13:30 Break


13:30-15:00 Common Topics 1 – Cardiothoracic Lightning Session I
   Moderators: M. Hrabak Paar, Zagreb/HR; J. Dinkel, Munich/DE

Clinical Imaging in Acute PE – State of the Art
  G. Aviram, Tel Aviv/IL
Right Heart Failure in Acute PE – What to know and see
  E. Mousseaux, Paris/FR
Endovascular thrombectomy in acute PE
  M. de Bucourt, Berlin/DE
Prediction of CTEPH in Patients with Suspected Acute PE
  S. Ley, Munich/DE
Cardiac Adaptation to PH
  J. Broncano, Cordoba/ES
Underlying Pulmonary Disease in PH
  E. Van Beek, Edinburgh/UK
Indications for Intervention in PH
  N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:00 Common Topics 2 – Advanced Techniques
   Moderators: H. Alkadhi, Zurich/CH; E. Coche, Brussels/BE

Spectral Imaging: Cardiac
  R. Budde, Rotterdam/NL
Spectral Imaging: Lungs
  S. Franckenberg, Zurich/CH
4D Flow in Cardiovascular Imaging
  U. Reiter, Graz/AT
Ultrasound of Lung Parenchyma
  M. Radzina, Riga/LV
Dark Field Imaging of the Lung
  H. Bast, Munich/DE
  L. Saunders, Sheffield/UK


17:00-17:05 Break


17:05-18:05 Joint Quiz Session – Basic
  M. Radikė, Liverpool/UK; M. Tregubova, Kyiv/UA

Room 2 - Cardiovascular Radiology

08:30-10:00 ESTI for ESCR Youngsters – Basics
   Moderators: P. Leutz-Schmidt, Heidelberg/DE, D. Wormanns, Berlin/DE

A Systematic Approach to reading CXR
  O. Hamer, Regensburg/DE
A Sytematic Approach to reading Lung CT: Pattern Recognition
  G. Cicchetti, Rome/IT
A Sytematic Approach to reading Lung CT: Increased and Decreased Density
  T. Franquet, Barcelona/ES
A Sytematic Approach to reading Lung CT: Airway Disease
  J. Dinkel, Munich/DE


10:00-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-12:00 EBCR Diploma Preparatory Session: How-I-do-it (Basic)
   Moderators: A. Kallifatidis, Thessaloniki/GR; D. Suchá, Utrecht/NL

Assessment of Myocardial Inflammation
  R. Manka, Zurich/CH
Assessment of Myocardial Fibrosis
  J-N. Dacher, Rouen/FR
My Approach to ARVC
  F. Secchi, Milan/IT
My Approach to Restictive Cardiomyopathy
  C. Peebles, Southampton/UK
My Approach to Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  M. Francone, Milan/IT


12:00-12:15 Break

12:15-13:15 Industry sponsored lunch symposium – Advancements in cardiovascular and thoracic imaging with world’s first photon-counting CT – NAEOTOM Alpha
  M. Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR; B. Szilveszter, Csorna/HU

13:15-13:30 Break


13:30-15:00 ESCR Scientific Session I
   Moderators: G. Muscogiuri, Bergamo/IT; M. Williams, Edinburgh/UK

Key-note lecture: Cardiovascular Imaging: New kids on the block
  S. Boccalini, Lyon/FR
Improving the positive predictive value of coronary CT angiography in chest pain patients using ultra-high resolution photon counting CT
  M. Halfmann, Mainz/DE
Virtual Non-iodine Images for Cardiac Calcium Scoring using Photon-Counting Detector CT
  V. Mergen, Zurich/CH
The Feasibility of CT-based Fractional Flow Reserve Using a Clinical Photon Counting Detector CT System 
  E. Zsarnoczay, Charleston/US
Saving Contrast Media in Coronary CT Angiography with Photon Counting Detector CT
  G. Cundari, Rome/IT
Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring on Photon-Counting Detector CT: Towards a New Standard 2.0
  N. Fink, Charleston/US
Exploring the Use of Time-Resolved MRA for Evaluating Left Atrial Pressure in Atrial Fibrillation Patients: A Feasibility Study.
  S. H. Hwang, Seoul/KR
Diagnosis of high-grade left ventricular diastolic dysfunction from the 4D flow-derived left atrial acceleration factor
  G. Reiter, Graz/AT
AI segmentation on ungated CT identified CMR defined LA dilatation
  L. Tapper, Sheffield/UK 
Towards Building a Deep Learning Tool Dedicated for Segmentations of Cardiovascular Structures from Chest CT Data Sets
  D. Hinck, Basel/CH
Dedicated Cardiovascular Screening in Lung Cancer Screening: Preliminary Results from the European 4-IN-THE-LUNG-RUN Trial
  M. Vonder, Groningen/NL

15:00-15:30 Break


15:30-17:00 ESCR meets ASCI: Risk Stratification and Prognosis in Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
   Moderators: B. W. Choi, Seoul/KR; B. Hamm, Berlin/DE

Update on current guidelines and recommendations
  L. Natale, Rome/IT
LGE Imaging
  K. Kitagawa, Tsu/JP
Mapping (T1 + ECV)
  J. Bremerich, Basel/CH
Strain Imaging
  B. W. Choi, Seoul/KR
Panel Discussion: Which technique wins the race?
  B. W. Choi, Seoul/KR; J. Bremerich, Basel/CH; K. Kitagawa, Tsu/JP; L. Natale, Rome/IT

Room 3 - Thoracic Imaging

12:15-13:15 Industry sponsored lunch symposium “Revolutionizing Healthcare: Breakthroughs in AI for Lung Cancer Screening and Cardiac Imaging”
   Moderator: C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL

PIQE Cardiac & SilverBeam
   D. Overhoff, Koblenz/DE
Ai in LCS
   C. Jacobs, Nijmegen/NL

13:15-13:30 Break


13:30-15:00 Masterkurs Thorax – Compatible 90′ – LCS I: Challenges
   Moderators: A. Kerpel-Fronius, Budapest/HU; C. Ridge, London/UK

Atypical Presentations of Lung Cancer
   I. Hartmann, Rotterdam/NL
Benign Lung Tumours
   A. Snoeckx, Edegem/BE
Lung Nodule Characterization with AI
  C. Jacobs, Nijmegen/NL
Significant findings other than l. nod. in LCS
  J.M. Goo, Seoul/KR
Rationale of LCS – Why? How? When?
  C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:00 Masterkurs Thorax – Compatible 90′ – LCS II: Implementation
   Moderators: M-P. Revel, Paris/FR; C. Jacobs, Nijmegen/NL

Over-Diagnosis in LCS
   S. Diederich, Dusseldorf/DE
Implementation of LCS: How to overcome Bottlenecks
   H-U. Kauczor, Heidelberg/DE
LCS in Europe
   M. Silva, Parma/IT
LCS in Korea and Asia
   J.M. Goo, Seoul/KR
The ESTI Training Programmes – LCS
   M-P. Revel, Paris/FR
The ESTI Training Programmes – Diploma
   A.P. Parkar, Bergen/NO

Room 4 - Poster Sessions

15:30-16:45 ESCR Scientific Poster Session
   Moderator: C. Loewe, Vienna/AT

Diagnostic accuracy of spectral CT aortograms for the detection of acute myocardial infarction
   A. Awwad, London/UK
Gender Differences in Aortic Stenosis: A Phase-Contrast Cardiac MRI Study
   F. Troger, Innsbruck/AT
Characterization of pulmonary regurgitation (PR) with 2D phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging (2D-PC CMR) in patients with tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) before and after intervention in the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT)
   C. Berntsson, Gothenburg/SE
Role of CMR-FT in evaluating the cardioprotection of a chronic hypobaric hypoxic environment at high altitude on ISO-induced myocardial injury in rats.
   Y. Qin, Chengdu/CH
4D-flow CMR pulmonary artery volume-pressure loops to improve phenotyping pulmonary hypertension groups
   C. Palacios-Echavarren, Barcelona/ES
Cardioprotective Effects of High-Altitude Hypobaric Hypoxia on Myocardial Infarction: A Strain Analysis in Rat Models Using 7.0T Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
   X. Fang, Chengdu/CH
Optimal contrast medium dose by body weight in CCTA varies by tube-voltage
   J. B. Leiknes, Stavanger/NO
Quantification of myocardial scar of both ischemic and non-ischemic origin using dark- and bright-blood late gadolinium enhancement MRI
   R. Holtackers, Maastricht/NL
Ultra-high Resolution Versus Calcium Removal Algorithm for Stenosis Evaluation with Photon-counting CT Using a Cardiac Motion Phantom
   E. Zsarnoczay, Charleston/US
CCTA in the Clinical Workflow of Athletes with Anomalous Origin of Coronary Arteries from the Contralateral Valsalva Sinus
   E. Moliterno, Rome/IT
CT-derived radiomic features of epicardial adipose tissue as a marker of coronary artery disease
   N. Mobini, Milan/IT
Radiation Dose Reduction Using Virtual Non-iodine-based Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring on Photon-counting Detector CT
   N. Fink, Charleston/US
Improved Detection of Low-Density and Small Plaques in Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring Using a Virtual Non-iodine Algorithm on Photon-Counting Detector CT
   N. Fink, Charleston/US


16:35-16:55 Coffee Break


16:55-18:00 ESTI/KSTR Poster Session
   Moderators: J. Dinkel, Munich/DE; J.B. Seo, Seoul/KR

Difference in the prognostic value of lymphovascular and visceral pleural invasion based on presence of ground-glass opacity in stage I lung adenocarcinoma
   H. Park, Seoul/KR
MDCT analysis of the Arteria Praebronchialis: a rare major branch of the left pulmonary artery
   B.M. Gil, Seoul/KR
Pretreatment Interstitial Lung Abnormality Detected on Abdominal Computed Tomography in Prostate Cancer Patients
   J.Y. Lee, Hwasun/KR
Prolong intercostal muscle wasting in follow-up of patients with COVID
   M.J. Park, Jinju/KR
Overlooked acute myocardial infarction and intramural hematoma on abdomen CT in patients presented with nonspecific abdominal pain
   S.M. Yoo, Gyeonggi-do/KR
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant infection in immunocompromised patients: clinical and imaging characteristics
   K-I. Kim, Yangsan/KR
18G automated gun biopsy without coaxial introducter versus 20G semi-automated gun biopsy with coaxial introducter for subpleural lung biopsy
   C. Park, Cheoan-si/KR
Era of Rib Fracture Using Artificial Intelligence in Chest CT in Trauma Patients: Can we solve it?
   G.Y. Jin, Jeon Ju/KR
Pericardial diverticulum arising from the right lateral superior aortic recess of the pericardium: demonstration of representative cases
   Y.W. Choi, Seoul/KR
Hilar abnormalities on chest radiograph
   E.S. Lee, Seoul/KR



Friday, October 27, 2023

Room 1 - Common Track

08:00-09:30 Common Topics 3 – Inflammatory/Rheumatologic disease
   Moderators: R. Cesar, Golnik/SI; M. Francone, Milan/IT

Collagen vascular diseases – lung
   P-Y. Brillet, Bobigny/FR
Collagen vascular diseases – heart
   I. Carbone, Rome/IT
Eosinophilic Pneumonia
   M. Both, Kiel/DE
Eosinophilic Myocarditis
   J. Luetkens, Bonn/DE
Pulmonary Sarcoidosis
  C. Ridge, London/UK
Cardiac Sarcoidosis
   B. Velthuis, Utrecht/NL


09:30-10:00 Industry sponsored slot
Veolity and Nelson Plus: lessons in transitioning from trials to practice
   A. Nair, London/UK

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-11:45 Common Topics 4 – Heart-Lung-Transplantation
   Moderators: L. Bergmann, Kentucky/US; M. Gutberlet, Leipzig/DE

Detection of Lung Transplant Rejection
  C. Fuss, Portland/US
The Lung in GvHD
   C-P. Heußel, Heidelberg/DE
Detection of Rejection: mpMRI
   C. Luecke, Leipzig/DE
Transplant Vasculopathy
  B. Foldyna, Boston/US


11:45-13:45 Break


13:45-15:00 Common Topics 5 – Acute Chest Pain
   Moderators: C. Loewe, Vienna/AT; N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK

Coronary CTA in the CPU
   M. Pirnat, Maribor/SL
Imaging of acute Aortic Syndrome
  D. Suchá, Utrecht/NL
DD Chest pain from other than CAD and PE
   H. Schmidt, Toronto/CA
Cardiac MRI in patients with MINOCA
   R. Salgado, Antwerp/BE


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:00 Common Topics 6 – Cardiothoracic Lightning Session II – Toxic Side-Effects
   Moderators: C. Beigelman-Aubry, Lausanne/CH; L. Natale, Rome/IT

Medication-related Pneumotoxicity
   J. Babar, Cambridge/UK
Medication-related Cardiovascular Toxicity
   A. Jacquier, Marseille/FR
Pneumotoxicity in new Cancer Drugs
  C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL
Cardiotoxicity in new Cancer Drugs
   M. Francone, Milan/IT
Radiation-induced Lung Disease
   A.R. Larici, Rome/IT
Radiation-induced Cardiac Disease
   J.G. Carvalho, Porto/PT
Lung effects of recreational drug abuse
   O. Mets, Amsterdam/NL
Cardiac effects of recreational drug abuse
   F. Catapano, Rome/IT


17:00-17:15 Break


17:15-18:15 Joint Quiz Session “advanced”
   Moderators: N. Howarth, Geneva/CH; J. Wildberger, Maastricht/NL

Room 2 - Cardiovascular Radiology

08:00-09:25 ESCR Scientific Session 2
   Moderators: M. Eberhard, Zurich/CH; M. Pirnat, Maribor/SI

Key-note lecture: Tissue Characterization: Towards quantitative imaging
  A. Esposito, Milan/IT
Tissue characterisation of acute right-atrial ablation lesions during MRI-guided atrial flutter ablation
  R. Holtackers, Maastricht/NL
Multiparametric CT-characterisation of myocardial tissue remodeling in patients with severe aortic stenosis candidate to transcatheter aortic valve implantation
  C. Gnasso, Milan/IT
Cardiac and Hepatic Iron Overload as Incidental Cardiac MRI Findings
  J. Brendel, Tuebingen/DE
MRI-derived extracellular volume as a biomarker of cancer therapy cardiotoxicity: Systematic review and meta-analysis
  C. Monti, Milan/IT
Native myocardial T1 mapping: Influence of spatial resolution on quantitative results and reproducibility
  A. Dalmer, Rostock/DE
Left atrial strain imaging improves detection of various cardiomyopathies
  C. Reichardt, Mainz/DE
Additional value of the Late Contrast Enhancement (LCE) scan for myocardial tissue characterization in patients with acute symptoms and troponin elevation undergoing cardiac CT.
  D. Vignale, Milan/IT
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: CMR-FT based evaluation of atrial and ventricular involvement during acute and sub-acute phases.
  G. Pambianchi, Rome/IT
Cine Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging on a Commercially Available 0.55 T Scanner with an 80 cm bore using a Pulse Sequence Prototype: A Pilot Study in Healthy Volunteers and Patients
  M. Segeroth, Basel/CH


09:25-09:30 Break
09:30-10:00 Industry sponsored slot
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-11:45 Chronic Coronary Syndromes (Basic)
   Moderators: M. Dewey, Berlin/DE; N.R. Planken, Amsterdam/NL

Overview on current guidelines
   M. Williams, Edinburgh/UK
Coronary CTA: Plaque and stenosis assessment
   N.R. Planken, Amsterdam/NL
Functional CT Imaging FFR-CT and perfusion
   J. Weir-McCall, Cambridge/UK
Role of cardiac MRI
   G. Pontone, Milan/IT


11:45-11:55 Break

11:55-12:55 Industry sponsored lunch symposium
Advancing Cardiac Imaging: Innovations in CCTA Protocol Optimization & AI-guided FFR-CT
  Moderators: F. Bamberg, Freiburg/DE

A tutorial on optimising CT scan and injection parameters
   C. Mihl, Maastricht/NL
CT-FFR: A case based walk through the literature
   J. Weir-McCall, Cambridge/UK

12:55-13:10 Break


13:10-13:40 ESCR Honorary Lectures
   Moderators: R. Salgado, Antwerp/BE; R. Vliegenthart, Groningen/NL


13:40-13:45 Break


13:45-15:00 Follow-up of patients with CHD (Advanced)
   Moderators: C. Peebles, Southhampton/UK; F. Caobelli, Muttenz/CH

Update on current guidelines and recommendations
   A. Secinaro, Rome/IT
Tetralogy of Fallot
   M. Hrabak Paar, Zagreb/HR
Transposition of great arteries
   N. Lama, Athens/GR
Single ventricle anomalies
   F. Raimondi, Paris/FR


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:00 Conventional and advanced use of Mapping (Advanced)
   Moderators: J. Bremerich, Basel/CH; A. Secinaro, Rome/IT

Conventional applications
   D. Beitzke, Vienna/AT
Assessment of myocardial inflammation T1 – vs. T2 Mapping
   G. Muscogiuri, Bergamo/IT
Assessment of ECV – A new indispensible tool?
   A. Varga-Szemes, Charleston/US
Innovative applications of T2 Mapping
   T. Emrich, Mainz/DE

Room 3 - Thoracic Imaging

07:30-08:00 ESTI General Assembly


08:00-09:25 ESTI Scientific Session 1 – ESTI meets ECFS
   Moderators: P.L. Ciet, Rotterdam/NL; M.O. Wielpütz, Heidelberg/DE

Keynote Lecture: Cystic fibrosis – Anything new out there?
  P.L. Ciet, Rotterdam/NL
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Detects Delayed Perfusion Inside Perfusion Defects in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
  P. Leutz-Schmidt, Heidelberg/DE
Elexacaftor/Tezacaftor/Ivacaftor Improves Bronchial Artery Dilatation Detected by Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
  L. Wucherpfennig, Heidelberg/DE
Non-contrast-Enhanced Functional Lung MRI to evaluate treatment response of ABPA in CF patients
  I. Benlala, Pessac/FR
Fully-automated Quantification of Functional Small Airway Disease on In- and Expiratory Chest CT Data Sets using Deep Learning
  M. Pradella, Basel/CH
Quantitative Functional Computed Tomography Assessment of GvHD-related Bronchiolitis Obliterans: Identification of Relevant Parameters and Correlation with Lung Function Tests
  D. Winkel, Basel/CH
CT-derived small and peel pulmonary vessel blood volume measurements as potential imaging biomarkers for the diagnosis of PAH and CTEPH
  D. Alkhanfar, Sheffield/UK
Critical vs non-critical triage of chest X-rays based on a comprehensive AI model – validation on a ground-truthed
  C. Jones, Sydney/AU
Dual-source dual-energy CTPA in obese patients with reduced contrast media volume: image quality and virtual monoenergetic reconstructions (VMI+).
  P. Seitz, Leipzig/DE
Relationship between Right and Left Ventricle Function in Subjects Free of Cardiovascular Diseases
  R. von Kruechten, Freiburg/DE
Angiography-MRI in the evaluation of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  M. Ragusi, Monza/IT
Serial chest-CT up to more than 30 months after COVID-19 pneumonia: perilobular pattern as predictor of long-term pulmonary sequelae.
  A. Poerio, Imola/IT
The Impact of Vaccination on the Severity of COVID-19 Pneumonia: Effectiveness of mRNA and Adenovirus Vector Vaccines and Comparison Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Patients
  A. Onori, Rome/IT


09:25-09:30 Break


09:30-10:00 Industry sponsored slot
Systemic anti cancer therapy (SACT)-related ILD/pneumonitis in breast cancer patients
   Moderator: TBA

Overview of systemic anti cancer therapy (SACT)-related ILD/pneumonitis in breast cancer patients
N. Kneidinger
Radiologist’s role in optimising patient care for SACT-related ILD/pneumonitis
J. Dinkel, Munich/DE


10:00-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-11:45 ESTI Scientific Session 2 – ESTI meets KSTR
   Moderators: F. Doellinger, Berlin/DE; C-M. Park, Seoul/KR

Keynote Lecture: AI research step by step
  C.-M. Park, Seoul/KR
Deep Learning-based Augmented Contrast Enhancement and De-noising Algorithms for CT Pulmonary Angiography: Improved Vascular Opacification and Diagnosis of Pulmonary Emboli.
  E-S. Cho, Seoul/KR
Delayed diagnosis of distant metastases in non-small cell lung cancer patients who underwent surgery: incidence and survival outcomes
  S. Park, Seoul/KR
Diagnostic accuracy and safety of CT-guided percutaneous core needle biopsy of lung for detecting malignancy in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  S. You, Suwon/KR
Detection of Incidental Pulmonary Emboli in Conventional Chest CT: Application of Deep Learning-based Augmented Contrast Enhancement and De-noising Algorithms
  J.M. Shin, Incheon/KR
Comparison of clinical and imaging features of SARS-CoV2 Omicron variant sublineages
  Y.-H. Kim, Gwangju/KR
Effect of Interstitial Lung Abnormality on Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy-treated Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
  W. G. Jeong, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do/KR
CT texture analysis of mediastinal lymphadenopathy on screening low dose CT for lung cancer
  K. E. Shin, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do/KR
Clinical efficacy of ultra-low dose thoracoabdominal aorta computed tomography using tin-filter in patients with aortic disease: assessment of image quality and radiation dose
  H. Kwon, Daejeon/KR
Automated CT quantification of interstitial lung abnormality according to the Fleischner Society in patients with resectable lung cancer: Prognostic significance
  Y. Ahn, Seoul/KR
Diagnosing sensitive scoliosis on the chest radiographs with semi-supervised generative adversarial network (GAN)
  S. Paik, Seoul/KR


11:45-11:55 Break

11:55-12:55 Industry sponsored lunch symposium:Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposium: Evolving CT techniques for cardiothoracic imaging and diagnosis
   Moderators: L. Natale, Rome/IT

Stress CTA perfusion imaging and late iodine enhancement: a new way to examine the heart with dual-energy CT
  F. Pontana, Lille/FR
Diagnosis and management of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH): Does photon-counting CT bring additional value?
  T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH

12:55-13:10 Break


13:10-13:40 ESTI Honorary Lectures
   Moderators: J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE; A.R. Larici, Rome/IT


13:40-13:45 Break


13:45-15:00 ESTI Scientific Session 3 – Technical Developments
   Moderators: G. Chassagnon, Paris/FR; W. Wagner, Heidelberg/DE

Keynote Lecture: Multiscale imaging of the lung
  W. Wagner, Heidelberg/DE
Retrospective identification of low-risk individuals eligible for biennial lung cancer screening using PanCan-based and deep learning-based risk thresholds
  N. Antonissen, Nijmegen/NL
CT Radiomics-guided EGFR Mutation Targeting Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  M. Chen, London/UK
High-pitch CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA) with ultra-low contrast medium volume for the detection of pulmonary embolism: a comparison with standard CTPA
  R. Gohmann, Leipzig/DE
Automatic Detection and Categorization of Lung Cancer on 18F-PET/CT through Retina U-Net and Anatomical Region Segmentation
  A. Sauter, Baden/CH
Feasibility of AI-based automated reading for LungRADS categories assignment: a preliminary analysis.
  V.I. Gallone, Parma/IT
Artificial intelligence analysis of chest radiographs to triage patients with acute thoracic symptoms in an emergency department
  E.J. Hwang, Seoul/KR
Pre-interventional AI-supported automated lung parenchyma quantificationpredicts post-interventional complications in CT-guided lung biopsies
  L. Mueller, Mainz/DE
Estimating nodule size on Digital Chest Tomosynthesis – comparison of area and diameter measurements.
  M. Oliveira Diniz, Gothenburg/SE
Changes in Tumor-to-Blood Ratio as a prognostic marker for progression-free survival and overall survival in neuroendocrine tumor patients undergoing peptide receptor radionuclide therapy.
  O.J. Pettersson, Uppsala/SE
CT-guided percutaneous wire localization of pulmonary nodules: the influence of the shape of the wire on complications and outcome.
   F. Bodewes, Groningen/NL


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-16:00 Industry sponsored slot: Industry Sponsored Slot: AI in Chest CT; Insights and results from 3 years of clinical usage at University Hospital Center Paris (AP-HP)
  G. Chassagnon, Paris/FR; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

16:00-16:05 Break


16:05-17:15 ESTI Scientific Session 4 – ESTI meets ERS
   Moderators: P. Grenier, Paris/FR; W. de Wever, Leuven/BE

Keynote Lecture: Diagnostic tests in pulmonary disease
Chest contrast-enhanced computed tomography assessment of ESC/ERS pulmonary hypertension clinical classification: a study of reliability.
  L. Cerezer, Udine/IT
Reference values for prevalence of solid lung nodules in an unselected general Western population
  J. Cai, Groningen/NL
The use of pleural vents for iatrogenic pneumothorax secondary to percutaneous lung biopsy 
  P. Eneje, Stevenage/UK
Large Language Model Mortality Prediction: Outperforming Manual Labelling in Analysing CTPA Reports
  S. Alabed, Sheffield/UK
Additional targeted question on pre-existing statin therapy on participant health questionnaire prior to chest CT significantly reduces referral rate for further cardiovascular risk assessment in participants undergoing lung cancer screening
  R. Jamal, Southampton/UK
Lung cancer screening reporting – a qualitative survey. 
  T. L. Lim, Kettering, UK
Low-dose computed tomography lung cancer screening integrated with smoking cessation: preliminary results of an Italian multicenter pilot study in view of an HTA.
  G. Picozzi, Florence/IT
Pectoral muscle Indices Are Associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity
  Z. N. Tekin, Istanbul/TR
Preliminary results analysis demonstrating the rate type and management of incidental findings (IF) referred to the East Surrey Hospital (ESH) Lung Screening Review Meeting (SRM) from the Crawley Target Lung Health Check (TLHC) 
  A. Villanueva, Redhill/UK
Room 4 - Poster Sessions

10:30-11:45 ESTI Poster Session
  Moderators: O. Hamer, Regensburg/DE; T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/DE

MRI: the key to understanding thymus
   G. Mancò, Chieti/IT
Incidental breast findings on chest CT – what to do?
   A. Azeiteiro, Lisbon/PT
Rising to the challenge of the multidisciplinary discussion; regarding interstitial lung disease: tips for the radiologist.
   D. García Casado, Segovia/ES
Multimodal Imaging Findings of Axillary Lymphadenopathy Associated with COVID-19 Vaccination
   J. Y. Rho, Iksan/KR
Applications of pulmonary MRI: the future is now?
   G. La Rosa, Catania/IT
Diagnosis in the making: Excessive dynamic airway collapse
   G. Jurkeviciute Kucinskiene, Kaunas/LT
Variability in congenital thoracic vascular defects: anomalous pulmonary venous return, is it easily recognisable?
   S. Giedrys, Kaunas/LT
Pulmonary Manifestations in Patients with HIV/AIDS: A Pictorial Review
   A. Fevereiro, Matosinhos/PT
Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in lung cancer screening with low-dose CT: beyond lung nodules
   F. Scrocca, Rome/IT
Pleuroparenchyal Fibroelastosis
   M. Pringle, Glasgow/UK
High-resolution CT in patients after lung transplantation using photon-counting: should we go for higher resolution or lower radiation dose?
   A. Dubbeldam, Leuven/BE
Anatomical CT variations in cystic fibrosis patients under triple therapy: A preliminary report.
   J. Collada-Carrasco, Madrid/ES


11:30-13:45 Break


13:45-14:50 ESCR Educational Poster Session
   Moderator: H. Alkadhi, Zurich/CH

Essentials of Computed Tomography Imaging of Prosthetic Heart Valves
   E. Baettig-Arriagada, Valencia/ES
What should be in a Radiologist’s report regarding Major Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries (MAPCAs) in Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD): A review of its clinical and surgical implications
   F. P. Vasquez, Quezon City/PH
Role of Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CTTA) as problem-solver in spontaneous coronary artery dissection.
   F. Dell’Aversana, Naples/IT
How to Recognize and Deal with Artefacts in Coronary CTA
   G. Mazza, Rome/IT
Significance of cardiac magnetic resonance in MINOCA patients
   O. Nedeljkovic-Arsenovic, Belgrade/RS
State-of-art of Cardiac-CT in the pre-procedural imaging assessment of valvular heart diseases
   L. Giarletta, Rome/IT
New Cardiac Devices on CXR – A Primer for the Radiologist
   G. Bailey, London/UK
Radiological imaging in the diagnosis of endocarditis-related cardiac and extracardiac complications.
   Y. Vitkovskyi, Kyiv/UA
Coronary artery aneurysms: Why should we use CT Angiography?
   F. Ramon Company, Palma de Mallorca/ES
Cardiac CTA in the Emergency Department
   G. Ferrandino, Naples/IT



Saturday, October 28, 2023

Room 1 - Common Track

09:00-10:15 Common Topics 7 – The Heart on non-cardiac CT
   Moderators: A. Nair, London/UK; R. Salgado, Antwerp/BE; 

Cardiovascular Calcification – Just Statistics?
   A.P. Parkar, Bergen/NO
Cardiac Chambers – Size matters!
   B.J. Wintersperger, Toronto/CA
The Heart in oncologic imaging – Useless or priceless?
   L. Bergmann, Kentucky/US
The Heart as Source of Thromboembolism
  A. Kallifatidis, Thessaloniki/GR


10:15-10:45 Coffee Break


10:45-12:00 Common Topics 8 – Artificial Intelligence
   Moderators: R. Budde, Rotterdam/NL; B. Ghaye, Liege/BE

AI Applications in chest imaging
   C-M. Park, Seoul/KR
AI in lung cancer imaging
   J.B. Seo, Seoul/KR
Image-Enhancement using Deep Learning
  T. Leiner, Rochester/US
AI in Cardiac Image Post-Processing
   C. De Cecco, Atlanta/US


12:00-13:30 Break


13:20-13:40 Award Ceremony
   J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE; R. Vliegenthart, Groningen/NL


13:40-13:45 Break


13:45-15:00 Common Topics 9 – What comes next?
   Moderators: E. Castañer González, Sabadell/ES; K. Nikolaou, Tuebingen/DE

Acute/Long/Post COVID-19: Can we close the books?
  A. Triani, Bolzano/IT
Triple Screening: CD/LC/Emphysema
   R. Vliegenthart, Groningen/ NL
Cardiovascular MRI Screening
  C. Schlett, Freiburg/DE
The future Role of Cardiothoracic Radiology
   F. Gleeson, Oxford/UK


15:00-15:15 Break


15:15-15:45 Closing Ceremony, Farewell
   J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE; M. Hrabak Paar, Zagreb/HR; K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE; A.R. Larici, Rome/IT

Room 2 - Cardiovascular Radiology

09:00-10:15 ESCR meets NASCI: Photon-Counting CT (Advanced)
   Moderators: T. Leiner, Rochester/NL; R. Vliegenthart, Groningen/NL

Technical aspects
  T. Leiner, Rochester/NL
Coronary arteries and stents
   H. Alkadhi, Zurich/CH
Imaging beyond coronary arteries
  J. Schoepf, Charleston/US
K-edge contrast media
   S. Boccalini, Lyon/FR


10:15-10:45 Coffee Break


10:45-12:00 ESCR Scientific Session 3
   Moderators: L. Saba, Cagliari/IT; J. Weir-McCall, Cambridge/UK

Key-note lecture: Beyond coronary stenosis assessment
  J. Weir-McCall, Cambridge/UK
Impact of Deep-Learning Image Reconstruction stenosis quantification in coronary computed tomography angiography.
  C. Santangeli, Rome/IT
Comparison of anatomical versus functional cardiac CT testing predict coronary revascularization prior to noncardiac surgery (NCS): CT coronary angiography (CCTA) vs  CT-perfusion (CTP) vs CT-derived fractional-flow-reserve (CT-FFR).
  F. Brilli, Milan/IT
Role of dynamic cardiac stress CT perfusion for the assessment of significant coronary artery disease
  A. Biondo, Turin/IT
Stress-only dynamic CT perfusion protocol does not diagnose ischemia. A retrospective two-center study.
  O. Sliwicka, Nijmegen/NL
Fractional Flow reserve predictions in patients with intermediate coronary stenosis on coronary CT angiography: comparing Artificial Intelligence to Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  O. Ghekiere, Hasselt/BE
Prevalence and prognostic value of subclinical coronary artery disease detected with CT for left atrium and pulmonary veins in patients undergoing atrial fibrillation ablation (PROCADAF Study)
  A. D. Annoni, Milan/IT
Interrater variability of ML-based CT-FFR during TAVI-Planning: Influence of Image Quality and Coronary Artery Calcifications
  R. Gohmann, Leipzig/DE
The Predictive Value of Stress-CMR and SPECT-MPI in High-Risk Patients Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery
  A. Caracciolo, Milan/IT

12:00-12:10 Break
12:10-13:10 Industry sponsored lunch symposium
Open your Heart for Cardiac MRI

Open MRI Concepts
   J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE
Cardiac Imaging Practice with open MRI
   M. Olimulder, Hardenberg/NL

13:10-13:45 Break


13:45-15:00 The beauty of daily routine: CT and MR interactive case session (Case-based)
   Moderators: M. Halfmann, Mainz/DE; S. Jankovic, Nis/RS

CT cases
   C. Loewe, Vienna/AT
MR cases
   K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE

Room 3 - Thoracic Imaging

08:45-10:15 ESTI Scientific Session 5 – ILD
   Moderators: E. Marom, Ramat Gan/IL; M. Occhipinti, Florence/IT

Keynote Lecture – Quantitative CT in COPD and ILD
  J.B. Seo, Seoul/KR
CT-based diaphragm analysis to evaluate the diaphragm configuration with increasing COPD severity
  J.T. Bakker, Groningen/NL
Deep learning automated quantification of lung disease in pulmonary hypertension on CT pulmonary angiography with external validation
  K. Dwivedi, Sheffield/UK
Phenotyping of airway disease and emphysema in COPD patients with MRI in comparison to same-day CT: Results from a prospective multi-centre cohort trial
  S. Nauck, Heidelberg/DE
Potential of ultra-high-resolution and 1024-pixel image matrix in photon-counting detector CT for the assessment of interstitial lung disease in patients with systemic sclerosis
  V. Mergen, Zurich/DE
Computed Tomographic Phenotypes in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis — Results of a Multinational Delphi Study
  N. Sivarasan, Stoneleigh/UK
MRI T2-WI parameters correlate with CT and lung function tests in interstitial lung disease
  C.A. Ruano, Lisbon/PT
Assessment of lobar and segmental bronchi instability with time-resolved low dose 4DCT of the whole chest and correlation with pulmonary function tests in COPD
  A. Bischoff, Heidelberg/DE
Interobserver Agreement in Radiologists’ Assessment of Chest CT in Interstitial Lung Disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  L. Delaney, Sheffield/UK
Computed Tomography chracterization of lung abnormalities in Granulomatous and Lymphocytic Interstitial Lung Disease of Common Variable Immunodeficiency 
  N. Landini, Rome/IT
Quantitative CT Evaluation of Lung Vessels in Systemic Sclerosis-related Pulmonary Hypertension
  C. Marrocchio, Parma/IT
Chest CT radiomics’ diagnostic role in differentiating tumorlet and granulomas: a pilot study
  S. Nardacci, Rome/IT
Fibrosing variant of organizing pneumonia in recipients of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: CT findings
  J.I. Jung, Seoul/KR


10:15-10:45 Coffee Break


10:45-12:00 ESTI Educational Course – ESTI and friends from overseas: Fleischner, JSTR, STR, CSTR, SPR/CBR
   Moderators: A.R. Larici, Rome/IT; A.P. Parkar, Bergen/NO

Hot topics discussed in the Fleischner Society: AI in chest imaging – ready for prime time?
   E. van Beek, Edinburgh/UK
Hot topics discussed in the Canadian Society of Thoracic Radiology: CT patterns and serial CT changes in lung cancer patients post stereotactic body radiotherapy
   A. Oikonomou, Toronto/CA
Hot topics discussed in the Society of Thoracic Radiology: New Standard in Reporting of Coronary CTA: CAD-RADS 2.0
   S. Abbara, Dallas/US
Hot topics discussed in the Japanese Society of Thoracic Radiology
   Y. Ohno, Toyoake/JP
Hot topics discussed in the Brazilian Thoracic Radiology Group
   A. Soarez Souza Junior, Sao José do Rio Preto/BR


12:00-12:10 Break
12:10-13:10 Industry sponsored lunch symposium
13:10-13:45 Break


13:45-15:00 ESTI Educational Course – ILD Entities
   Moderators: T. Franquet, Barcelona/ES; J. Verschakelen, Leuven/BE

   A. Devaraj, London/UK
Incidental/subclinical lung abnormalities
   N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT
Occupational Lung Disease
   C. Jones, Brisbane/AU