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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Room 1 - Common Track

ESCR for ESTI Youngsters – Basics

How to do a cardiac CT

Clinical Applications for Cardiac CT

How to do a cardiac MRI

Clinical Applications for Cardiac MR

Opening Ceremony: Where heart and lungs meet

Welcome Address

Short Animation Film Berlin

Guidelines PH:
New Role of Imaging

PH due to LH Disease:
Role of CT and MR

Change MRI

Common Topics1 – Cardiothoracic Lightning Session I

Clinical Imaging in Acute PE
State of the Art

Right Heart Failure in Acute PE
What to know and see

Surgical Thrombectomy in Acute PE

Prediction of CTEPH in Patients with Suspected Acute PE

Cardiac Adaptation to PH

Underlying Pulmonary Disease in PH

Indications for Intervention in PH

Common Topics 2 – Advanced Techniques

Spectral Imaging: Cardiac

Spectral Imaging: Lungs

4D Flow in Cardiovascular Imaging

Ultrasound of Lung Parenchyma

Dark Field Imaging of the Lung


Joint Quiz Session – Basic


Room 2 - Cardiovascular Radiology

ESTI for ESCR Youngsters – Basics

A systematic Approach to reading CXR

A sytematic Approach to reading Lung CT:
Increased and Decreased Density

A sytematic Approach to reading Lung CT:
Pattern Recognition


Assessment of Myocardial Inflammation

Assessment of Myocardial Fibrosis

My Approach to ARVC

My Approach to Restictive Cardiomyopathy

My Approach to Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Scientific Session I

ESCR meets ASCI: Risk Stratification and Prognosis in Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

Update on current guidelines and recommendations

LGE Imaging

Mapping (T1 + ECV)

Strain Imaging

Panel Discussion:Which technique wins the race


Room 3 - Thoracic Imaging

LCS I: Challenges

Atypical Presentations of Lung Cancer

Benign Lung Tumours

Lung Nodule Characterization with AI

Significant findings other than l. nod. in LCS

Rationale of LCS
Why? How? When?

LCS II: Implementation

Over-Diagnosis in LCS

LCS in Germany

LCS in Europe

LCS in Korea and Asia

The ESTI Training Programs – LCS

The ESTI Training Programs – Diploma




Friday, October 27, 2023

Room 1 - Common Track

Common Topics 3 – Inflammatory/Rheumatologic Disease

Collagen vascular diseases – Lung

Collagen vascular diseases – Heart

Eosinophilic Pneumonia

Eosinophilic Myocarditis

Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Common Topics 4 – Heart-Lung-Transplantation

Detection of Lung Transplant Rejection

The Lung in GvHD

Detection of Rejection: mpMRI

Transplant Vasculopathy

Common Topics 5 – Acute Chest Pain

Medication-Related Pneumotoxicity

Medication-Related Cardiovascular Toxicity

Pneumotoxicity in New Cancer Drugs

Cardiotoxicity in New Cancer Drugs

Radiation-Induced Lung Disease

Radiation-Induced Cardiac Disease

Lung Effects of Recreational Drug Abuse

Cardiac Effects of Recreational Drug Abuse

Film Panel Session – Advanced

Room 2 - Cardiovascular Radiology

ESCR Scientific Session 2

Chronic Coronary Syndroms

Overview on Current Guidelines

Coronary CTA:
Plaque and Stenosis Assessment

Functional CT Imaging FFR-CT and Perfusion

Role of Cardiac MRI

Follow-Up of Patients with CHD

Update on Current Guidelines and Recommendations

Tetralogy of Fallot

Transposition of Great Arteries

Single Ventricle Anomalies

Conventional and Advanced Use of Mapping

Conventional Applications

Assessment of Myocardial Inflammation T1 – vs. T2 Mapping

Assessment of ECV
A new indispensible tool?

Innovative Applications of T2 Mapping


Room 3 - Thoracic Imaging

ESTI Scientific Session 1


Technical Developments

Keynote Lecture
Multiscale Imaging of the Lung

ESTI meets ERS Airways

Keynote Lecture

Keynote Lecture
Clinical Diagnosis of Airway Disease




Saturday, October 28, 2023

Room 1 - Common Track

Common Topics 7 – The Heart on Non-Cardiac CT

Cardiovascular Calcification
Just Statistics?

Cardiac Chambers
Size matters!

The Heart in Oncologic Imaging
Useless or Priceless?

The Heart as Source of Thromboembolism

Common Topics 8 – Artificial Intelligence

AI Applications in Chest Imaging

AI in Lung Cancer Imaging

Image-Enhancement Using Deep Learning

AI in Cardiac Image Post-Processing

Common Topics 9 – What comes next?

Acute/Long/Post COVID-19:
Can we close the books?

Triple Screening:

Cardiovascular MRI Screening

The Future Role of Cardiothoracic Radiology

Room 2 - Cardiovascular Radiology

ESCR meets NASCI: Photon Counting CT

Technical Aspects

Coronary Arteries and Stents

Imaging Beyond Coronary Arteries

K-Edge Contrast Media

Scientific Session 3

The Beauty of Daily Routine: CT and MR Interactive Case Sessions

CT Cases

MR Cases

Room 3 - Thoracic Imaging


Keynote Lecture
Quantitative CT in COPD and ILD

ESTI and Friends from Overseas

ILD Entities


ILD in Collagen Vascular Disease

Occupational Lung Disease