Best oral presentations 2016: Congratulations to the winners!
Magna Cum Laude
Role of delayed enhanced phase in the intra-thoracic staging of lung cancer: what does it add?
Paola Franchi, Rome/IT

Cum Laude
Computer-aided detection (CAD) of solid pulmonary nodules in chest X-ray equivalent ultralow dose chest CT – first in-vivo results at mean dose levels of 0.13 mSv
Michael Andreas Messerli, Zurich/CH

Certificate of Merit
Automated 3D volumetry of the pulmonary arteries based on CT angiography for non-invasive estimation of pulmonary arterial pressure in suspected pulmonary hypertension
Claudius Melzig, Heidelberg/DE

Certificate of Merit
CT parameters as predictors of adverse events in patients with pulmonary embolism in the PREP study
Yorick Lismonde, Brussels/BE

Best poster presentations 2016: Congratulations to the winners!
Magna Cum Laude award

Effects of Bismuth Breast Shielding on Dual-Energy Computed Tomography: An Experimental Phantom Study
Kyu Ok Choe, Seoul/KR

Cum Laude award
Digital Tomosynthesis artifacts resulting from medical devices and respiratory conditions in ICU patients
Shailaja Sajja, Toronto/CA

Cum Laude award
Computer Simulation Model Based on Thorax Configuration to Predict Its Aerodynamics in Young Patients with Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Tae Hoon Kim, Seoul/KR