THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018

Thursday, Room 1

ESCR: Educational Session 1 – Valvular heart disease
Moderators: R. Budde, Rotterdam/NL, R. Salgado, Edegem/BE

08:30 The role of imaging in current guidelines
M. Rees, Gwynned/UK
08:45 When and how to use CT
K. Nikolaou, Tuebingen/DE
09:00 When and how to use MRI
M. Hrabak Paar, Zagreb/HR
09:15 Pitfalls in MRI flow measurement
J. Lotz, Goettingen/DE
09:30 Discussion


Joint Session: Opening – ESTI and ESCR meet WHO: Justification, issues and application of screening

Moderators: J. Bremerich, Basel/CH; N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH; M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL

10:00 Justification of CT for individual health assessment of asymptomatic persons
M. del Rosario Perez (WHO), Geneva/CH
10:15 Screening in pulmonary diseases: Dose issues
D. Tack, Braine-L’Alleud/BE
10:30 Screening in cardiovascular diseases: Help or harm
M. Oudkerk, Groningen/NL
10:45 Preventing Overdiagnosis: Winding back the harms of too much medicine
J. Brodersen, Copenhagen/DK
11:00 Discussion


Industry sponsored lunch symposium “Chest imaging with state of the art CT technology”
Moderator: M. Prokop, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen/NL

Ultra High Resolution CT for lung imaging – the clinical relevancies
M. Prokop, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen/NL
Imaging Chest pain with the GENESIS
R. Bull, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Bournemouth/UK


Joint Session: Pulmonary Hypertension

Moderators: F. Lador, Geneva/CH; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

13:00 Imaging in Pulmonary Hypertension – Beyond diagnosis
N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK
13:15 Early recognition of CTEPH – The central role of the radiologist
G. Robinson, Bath/UK
13:30 And the right ventricle? Indicators of stress and failure
K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE
13:45 Noninvasive measurement of pulmonary artery pressure: Fact or fiction
J. Vogel-Claussen, Hannover/DE
14:00 Discussion


Joint Session: Multimodality imaging in cardiopulmonary inflammation

Moderators: G. Ferretti, Grenoble/FR; M. Gutberlet, Leipzig/DE

14:30 Perimyocarditis
L. Natale, Rome/IT
14:50 Organising Pneumonia
M. Occhipinti, Florence/IT
15:10 Vasculitis and Aortitis
F. De Cobelli, Milan/IT
15:30 Discussion


Joint Session: Management issues

Moderators: J. Bremerich, Basel/CH; N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH;
H-U. Kauczor, Heidelberg/DE

16:00 SWOT Analysis of cardiopulmonary radiology
J. Wildberger, Maastricht/NL
16:20 Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Teleradiology
S. Wildermuth, St. Gallen/CH
16:40 Rethinking commoditisation: How to reward value-based imaging
J. Hodler, Zurich/CH
17:00 Discussion


Joint Session: ESTI/ESCR joint Film Panel Image Interpretation – Switzerland vs. Europe

Moderators: A. Bankier, Boston/US; C. Peebles, Southampton/UK

Swiss Team:
G. Fassa, Geneva/CH; T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH; A-L. Hachulla, Geneva/CH; S. Qanadli, Lausanne/CH

Europe Team:
P-Y. Brillet, Bobigny/FR; A.P. Parkar, Bergen/NO; G. Pontone, Milan/IT; V. Sinitsyn, Moscow/RU

Thursday, Room 2

ESTI: Scientific Session 1 – ILD and techniques
Moderators: R. Lazor, Lausanne/CH; N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT

08:30 Moderator introduction
R. Lazor, Lausanne/CH; N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT
08:32 Contrast agent accumulation patterns in fibrosing lung disease using 5D MRI (RGW 2016)
M.T.A. Wetscherek, Cambridge/UK
08:44 Increasing the conspicuity of breast cancer by using dual-energy spectral computed tomography: Initial experience
Y. Metin, Rize/TR
08:56 Evaluation, comparison and optimization of the effects of manual versus software automated protocols on radiation dose and image quality in paediatric chest computed tomography
G. Argentieri, Lugano/IT
09:08 Clinical performance and confidence of ultra-low dose computed tomography compared to chest X-ray investigations for diagnosing pulmonary pathology
L.J.M. Kroft, Leiden/NL
09:20 A Deep Learning Algorithm for Classifying Fibrotic Lung Disease on High Resolution Computed Tomography
S. Walsh, London/UK
09:32 Perceived quality measurement of low-dose lung CT after retrospective neural network image enhancement
Y. Nagaraj, Groningen/NL
09:44 Discussion


ESTI: Airways and infection
Moderators: C. Beigelman-Aubry, Lausanne/CH; G. Ferretti, Grenoble/FR

13:00 Imaging the lungs in the non HIV immuno-comprimised patient
T. Franquet, Barcelona/ES
13:20 EDAC and Tracheobronchomalacia
J. Verschakelen, Leuven/BE
13:40 Non tuberculous mycobacterium infection: Role of imaging
A. Christe, Bern/CH
14:00 Discussion


ESTI: Lung cancer staging and treatment
Moderators: A.P. Parkar, Bergen/NO; J.I. Vlahos, London/UK

14:30 TNM 8 Update
A.R. Larici, Rome/IT
14:50 Imaging after radiotherapy
B. Ghaye, Brussels/BE
15:10 Imaging after precision chemotherapy in the modern era of cancer therapy
M-P. Revel, Paris/FR
15:30 Discussion


ESTI: Acute thoracic imaging
Moderator: G. Aviram, Tel-Aviv/IL; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

16:00 Imaging in ECMO
A. Nair, London/UK
16:20 Imaging of acute large airway trauma
J.I. Vlahos, London/UK
16:40 Acute aortic imaging
A. Oikonomou, Toronto/CA
17:00 Discussion


ESTI: Scientific Session 2 – Pulmonary Vascular
Moderators: B. Ghaye, Brussels/BE; M. Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR

17:30 Moderator introduction
B. Ghaye, Brussels/BE; M. Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR
17:32 Comparison of image quality in high pitch free breathing versus standard pitch breath-holding CTPA
K. Ombati, Nairobi/KE
17:41 Incidence of pulmonary embolism and right heart dysfunction and impact on survival in patients with malignant melanoma
S. Rennebaum, Mannheim/DE
17:50 Differences in thrombotic load between symptomatic and unsuspected pulmonary embolism
J. Vassallo, Edinburgh/UK
17:59 A comparative study of CT findings and clinical conditions that predispose patients to lung infarction following PE
K.K. Sifer, Ljubljana/SI
18:08 Bronchial and vascular alterations in patients with severe pulmonary hypertension: Role of quantitaive computed tomography
I. Benlala, Bordeaux/FR
18:17 Reasons for inadequate contrast in CT pulmonary angiography studies: Single-centre study in 225 consecutive patients
S. Sudarski, Mannheim/DE
18:26 Discussion

Thursday, Room 3+4

ESCR: Proffered Paper Session 1 – Imaging atrial chambers, valves and great vessels
Moderators: M. Rees, Gwynedd/UK; A.W. Sauter, Basel/CH

08:30 Duration of Vortices in 4D Flow MRI Compared to Pulmonary Artery Mean Pressure
L. Crowe, Geneva/CH
08:40 Vascular thoracic outlet syndrome: A focus on Time-Resolved MR Angiography
S. Wassef, Iowa City/US
08:50 Evaluation of the mitral valve anatomy, geometry and mobility in multiple cardiac phases by Multi-Slice Computed Tomography
L. Musayeva, Baku/AZ
09:00 4D flow MRI evaluation of a new technique of valve-sparing aortic root replacement (VSARR)
V. Silvestri, Lille/FR
09:10 Intraobserver and interobserver variability in 3D printing and 3D model measurement of the aortic annulus
R. Faletti, Turin/IT
09:20 Left atrial appendage closure guided by 3D printed patient-specific models
G. Muscogiuri, Milan/IT
09:30 Low contrast CT angiography prior to TAVI  procedure: Feasibility, renal safety and diagnostic accuracy for coronary tree
A. Annoni, Milan/IT
09:40 Discussion


ESCR: Proffered Paper Session 2 – Myocardial Tissue Characterisation with MR and CT
Moderators: M. Francone, Rome/IT; A. Kallifatidis, Thessaloniki/GR

13:00 Myocardial T1-mapping: The effects of coffee intake on the response to regadenoson as compared to adenosine during Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Perfusion Imaging
R. van Dijk, Groningen/NL
13:12 Late gadolinium enhancement patterns in patients with hypereosinophilia: Does CMR help identifying the etiology?
J. Pagniez, Lille/FR
13:24 Detection of Occult Myocardial Scars with Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance imaging in Patients with asymptomatic type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The ACCREDIT study
S.M. Ko, Seoul/KR
13:36 [11C]mHED PET-MRI to evaluate cardiac re-innervation in long term heart transplant patients: Preliminary results
A. Wielandner, Vienna/AT
13:48 Multiparametric Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in short-term monitoring of Patients with acute myocarditis: Preliminary results
G. Benedetti, Milan/IT
14:00 Interobserver Agreement in Mapping Parameters compared to Lake Louise Criteria for the Assessment of Myocarditis by Inexperienced Observers
M.T.A. Wetscherek, Cambridge/UK
14:12 Discussion


ESCR: Educational Session 2 – Imaging in Electrophysiology, Pacers, Defibrillators
Moderators: A. Esposito, Milan/IT; V. Sinitsyn, Moscow/RU

14:30 When is imaging recommended in electrophysiology: Review of guidelines
D. Shah, Geneva/CH
14:50 Imaging to identify arrhythmogenic foci, plan therapy and predict outcome
M. Grothoff, Leipzig/DE
15:10 MRI with pacers and defibrillators: In- and off-label use
G. Pontone, Milan/IT
15:30 Discussion


ESCR: Educational Session 3 – ESCR meets EACVI: Imaging Coronary Artery Disease
Moderators: C. Bucciarelli-Ducci, Bristol/UK; L. Natale, Rome/IT

16:00 Coronary Morphology with CT: Evidence, clinical application, shortcomings
M. Dewey, Berlin/DE
16:20 Perfusion with MR, PET/SPECT or CT: Evidence base, clinical application, quantification
C. Bucciarelli-Ducci, Bristol/UK
16:40 MRI parametric mapping for perfusion and tissue characterisation: Clinical tool or work in progress
S. Petersen, London/UK
17:00 Discussion


ESCR: Proffered Paper Session 3 – Imaging CAD and myocardial Infarction
Moderators: C. Loewe, Vienna/AT; K. Nikolaou, Tuebingen/DE

17:30 Correlation between haptoglobin phenotypes and myocardial reperfusion injury in consecutive ST-elevation myocardial infarction as detected by cardiac magnetic resonance
G. Muscogiuri, Milan/IT
17:38 CMR diagnosis of right ventricular myocarditis (RVM) vs arrhythmogenic right ventricle dysplasia: Overlapping phenotypes
G. De Rubeis, RomeIT
17:46 Comparison of the different imaging time points in delayed phase cardiac CT for myocardial scar assessment and ECV fraction estimation in patients with old myocardial infarction
K. Kitagawa, Tsu/JP
17:54 CT–Coronary Angiography in asymptomatic male patients with high atherosclerosis risk: Is it justified?
E. Savva, Heraklion/GR
18:02 Computational Quantitative Flow Ratio to assess hemodynamic relevance of coronary artery disease
D. Ties, Groningen/NL
18:10 Accuracy of coronary computed tomographic angiography to detect obstructive coronary artery disease by using stress versus rest dataset in patients referred to stress computed tomo
G. Muscogiuri, Milan/IT
18:18 Determining the level of agreement for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk stratification between coronary artery calcium score and traditional cardiovascular risk models
I. Kuria, Nairobi/KE
18:26 Discussion

Thursday, Room 5 (ESTI Workshop Room)

ESTI: Special Focus Session – Korean thoracic imaging

Moderators: C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL; J. Verschakelen, Leuven/BE

17:30 Moderator introduction
C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL; J. Verschakelen, Leuven/BE
17:32 Is it reliable to evaluate pulmonary nodule calcification on chest radiography?: Correlation with volumetric quantification by computed tomography
S. You, Suwon/KR
17:36 Quantification of pleural plaques by computed tomography and correlations with pulmonary function: Preliminary study
J.S. Kim, Goyang-si/KR
17:40 CT characteristics of lung adenocarcinomas with epidermal growth factor receptor mutation: A propensity score matching study
Y.J. Suh, Seoul/KR
17:44 Percutaneous transthoracic needle biopsy: Various techniques and complications
C.H. Park, Cheonan/KR
17:48 Lung cancer staging: Update
T.J. Kim, Seoul/KR
17:52 A radiologic review of acute aspiration pneumonia in the elderly
E-Y. Kang, Seoul/KR
17:56 Various imaging spectrum of pulmonary cryptococcosis: A pattern analysis
J.H. Kim, Incheon/KR
18:00 Non-tumorous disease of the mediastinum: Radiologic features
K.Y. Lee, Ansan/KR
18:04 Radiologic finding of pulmonary histoplasmosis: Pictorial review
S.J. Hong, Guri-si/KR
18:08 Hyperenhancing Mediastinal Masses: Spectrum of Causes and Imaging Features
Y.W. Oh, Seoul/KR
18:12 What is the cut-off value of CT attenuation for distinguishing PMF from lung cancer in pneumoconiosis patient?
Y. Jo, Seoul/KR
18:16 Differences in the CT findings between vulnerable plaque and culprit lesions in acute coronary syndrome
J.Y. Yoo, Cheongju-si/KR
18:20 Feasibility of ultrashort echo time sequence with variable echo time stack-of-spirals acquisition for the detection of pulmonary nodules
Y.S. Kim, Seoul/KR
18:24 Discussion

FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018

Friday, Room 1

Joint Session: Imaging Acute Chest Pain
Moderators: C. Loewe, Vienna/AT; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

08:30 Workup of Acute Coronary Syndrome
R. Salgado, Edegem/BE
08:50 Pulmonary Embolism
G. Aviram, Tel-Aviv/IL
09:10 Acute aortic syndrome
H. Alkadhi, Zurich/CH
09:30 Discussion


Joint Session: The World Wide Web: Impact on cardiopulmonary imaging
Moderator: K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE; E. van Beek, Edinburgh/UK

10:00 Remote expert opinion in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
G. Sommer, Basel/CH
10:15 Image processing, analysis and sharing in the cloud
B. van Ginneken, Nijmegen/NL
10:30 Web-based Education
T. McLoud, Boston/US
10:45 Cardiac MRCT registry
M. Gutberlet, Leipzig/DE
11:00 Discussion


Joint Session: Cardiovascular and pulmonary hybrid imaging
Moderator: O. Ratib, Geneva/CH; J.P. Vallée, Geneva/CH

13:00 Cardiac PET/CT in CAD, Sarcoidosis, Inflammation
F. Caobelli, Basel/CH
13:20 Molecular Imaging of vascular inflammation and plaque
O. Ratib, Geneva/CH
13:40 A combined morphological and functional imaging of pulmonary hypertension
A-L. Hachulla, Geneva/CH
14:00 Discussion


Joint Session: Lung-Heart Transplantation
Moderator: M. Gutberlet, Leipzig/DE; C. Herold, Vienna/AT

14:30 Combined cardiothoracic CT in pre lung transplant work up
S. Padley, London/UK
14:50 Typical pulmonary complications and indicators of rejection
P. Gasche-Soccal, Geneva/CH
15:10 Early detection of cardiac transplant rejection with multiparametric MRI
M. Gutberlet, Leipzig/DE
15:30 Discussion


Joint Session: Non communicable diseases
Moderators: M. del Rosario Perez (WHO), Geneva/CH; M. Gutberlet, Leipzig/DE; O. Ratib, Geneva/CH

16:00 Disease prevention in the elderly: One-stop-shop screening of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and COPD by ultra-low dose CT
M. Oudkerk, Groningen/NL
16:15 Occupational lung disease
J. Roos, Lucerne/CH
16:30 The tobacco control treaty and the tobacco industry
C. Audera-Lopez (Secretariat WHO FCTC), Geneva/CH
16:45 Medical imaging in NCD management: WHO views
A. Velazquez Berumen (WHO), Geneva/CH
17:00 Discussion


Joint Session: ESCR/ESTI joint Cardiopulmonary Quiz
Moderators: G. Ferretti, Grenoble/FR; C. Peebles, Southampton/UK

Friday, Room 2

ESTI General Assembly


ESTI: Scientific Session 3 – Lung cancer and pleural disease
Moderators: P. Beddy, Dublin/IE; J. Biederer, Sehheim-Jugenheim/DE

08:30 Moderator introduction
P. Beddy, Dublin/IE; J. Biederer, Sehheim-Jugenheim/DE
08:32 Information from Computed Tomography follow-up in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: iPFBC Multicenter Pooled Comparison with clinical and functional metrics (RGW 2016)
M. Silva, Parma/IT
08:41 Course of CT features in chronic lung allograft dysfunction after double lung transplantation (RGW 2016)
P. Agarwal, Allensbach/DE
08:50 A computed tomography study of in-vivo growth behaviour in 60 non-screen detected lung cancers
O. Mets, Utrecht/NL
08:59 Discordance between radiological and clinical response in a cohort of patients treated with Nivolumab in second-line therapy
C. Moroni, Florence/IT
09:08 Effect of five-line signs in the prediction of staging, progression and prognosis of peripheral lung carcinoma — preliminary observation report
A. Yu, Haikou/CN
09:17 Accuracy, Performance Metrics and Complication Rates of CT guided thoracic biopsies: A large tertiary center 5-years’ experience
E. Barbosa Jr., Philadelphia/US
09:26 Malignant pleural effusion: Quantitative and qualitative diagnosis with Chest CT and PET-CT
M. Juárez-García, Barcelona/ES
09:35 Preoperative CT guided wire localisation of lung nodules
S-J. Choi, Leeds/UK
09:44 Discussion


Moderators: I. Hartmann, Zwijndrecht/NL; M. Prokop, Amersfoort/NL

10:00 Imaging work up in Lung Volume Reduction surgery
M. Silva, Parma/IT
10:20 Quantitative imaging in COPD
P. Grenier, Paris/FR
10:40 Imaging of complications in COPD
N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT
11:00 Discussion


Industry sponsored satellite lunch symposium “Spectral detector CT in cardio-thoracic imaging”

Spectral CT technology, the Dual-Layer detector
A. Vlassenbroek, Brussels/BE
Added value of dual-layer detector spectral CT in cardio-thoracic disorders in emergency
E. Coche, Brussels/BE


Moderators: C. Beigelman-Aubry, Lausanne/CH; N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT

13:00 Update in hypersensitivity pneumonitis
A. Devaraj, London/UK
13:20 CPFE – Two diagnoses or one?
S. Desai, London/UK
13:40 Update in IPF imaging
S. Walsh, London/UK
14:00 Discussion


ESTI: Lung cancer screening and early diagnosis/nodules
Moderators: S. Diederich, Dusseldorf/DE; J.S. Park, Bucheon/KR

14:30 Nodule management guidelines update
A. Bankier, Boston/US
14:50 Screening in Europe – What are we all doing?
S. Diederich, Dusseldorf/DE
15:10 QA in lung cancer screening – Lessons from breast screening?
M. Michell, London/UK
15:30 Discussion


ESTI: Intervention
Moderator: H. Prosch, Vienna/AT; N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK

16:00 Ablation in lung cancer: Are there any contraindications
P. Dalal, London/UK
16:20 The challenging lung biopsy
C. Ridge, Dublin/IE
16:40 Imaging in haemoptysis
S. Bhalla, St. Louis/US
17:00 Discussion


ESTI: Scientific Session 4 – Nodules and screening
Moderators: Y.W. Choi, Seoul/KR; S. Diederich, Dusseldorf/DE

17:30 Moderator introduction
Y.W. Choi, Seoul/KR; S. Diederich, Dusseldorf/DE
17:32 Capability of 3D Computer-Aided Volumetry (CADv) with Pulmonary Nodule Component Evaluation for Quantitative Prediction of Malignancy on Thin-Section CT
Y. Ohno, Kobe/JP
17:41 Radiomics allows classification of lung nodules as benign or malignant (adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). A study based on the NLST data set
S. Martin, Geneva/CH
17:50 Digital Tomosynthesis and ground glass nodules: Optimization of acquisition protocol. A phantom study
I. Campo, Trieste/IT
17:59 A Bronx Tale: Establishing and developing a Lung Cancer Screening Program in an Urban, Diverse Multi-Ethnic community
A. Shmukler, Brooklyn/US
18:08 What is a perifissural nodule? Low inter-observer agreement in NLST data
A. Schreuder, Nijmegen/NL
18:17 Incidental Extrapulmonary Findings in Low -Dose CT of the Thorax: Just LOW or MORE?
Z. Tekin, Istanbul/TR
18:26 Discussion

Friday, Room 3+4

ESCR General Assembly


ESCR: Educational Session 4 – Parametric tissue mapping: T1-; T2-; T2*- and ECV
Moderators: R. Rienmüller, Graz/AT; B. Velthuis, Utrecht/NL

08:30 Review of methodology
N. Kachenoura, Paris/FR
08:50 Practical application to guide therapy and predict outcome
J. Bremerich, Basel/CH
09:10 Are my mapping results normal or abnormal: A practical approach
N. Kawel-Boehm, Chur/CH
09:30 Discussion


ESCR: Educational Session 5 – ESCR meets NASCI: CT in CAD
Moderators: L. Natale, Rome/IT; J. Schoepf, Charleston/US

10:00 The role of CT in current guidelines?
C. White, Baltimore/US
10:15 CT in acute chest pain patients: What’s the evidence
C. White, Baltimore/US
10:30 How to provide high quality 24/7 service: Structured and standardised reporting
J. Schoepf, Charleston/US
10:45 CT for ischemia detection
R. Vliegenthart, Groningen/NL
11:00 Discussion


Industry sponsored satellite lunch symposium “CT Imaging of the Heart and Its Close Neighbor”
Moderator: K. Nikolaou, Tuebingen/DE

TAVI & Friends: CT Imaging around the Heart
H. Haubenreisser, Mannheim/DE
Imaging myocardial ischemia with CTA: Challenges and solutions beyond coronary arteries
M. Francone, Rome/IT


ESCR: Proffered Paper Session 4 – Cardiac function with novel CMR techniques
Moderators: K-F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE; E. Pershina, Moscow/RU

13:00 Left atrial functional impairment in patients with cryptogenic stroke as quantified by cardiac magnetic resonance
W. Staab, Goettingen/DE
13:10 Can Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Feature Tracking Predict Clinical Cardiovascular Events in Asymptomatic Aortic Stenosis Patients with Normal Ejection Fraction?
M.Y. Kim, Seoul/KR
13:20 Early detection of diabetic cardiomyopathy by using MRI-based multidirectional strain analysis – Differences in Subjects with Prediabetes, Diabetes and Healthy Controls
T. Zitzelsberger, Tuebingen/DE
13:30 MR-compatible Echocardiography and Predictive Slice Tracking  For Feasibility of Ultrasound-driven Cardiovascular MRI
L. Crowe, Geneva/CH
13:40 Association of Lung Volume and Subclinical Cardiac Impairment using Whole-body MR Imaging: A Population-based Cohort Study
R. von Krüchten, Heidelberg/DE
13:50 Biventricular intramural motion adaption correlates with electromechanical remodeling in repaired tetralogy of Fallot using tissue phase-mapping cardiac MR
M-T. Wu, Kaohsiung/TW
14:00 Assessment of left-ventricular-wall motion disorders after myocardial infarction using Compressed Sensing real-time cine imaging
F. Pontana, Lille/FR
14:10 Discussion


ESCR: Educational Session 6 – TAVI planning and complication management
Moderator: Y.H. Choe, Seoul/KR; M. Francone, Rome/IT

14:30 Imaging requirements and review of current guidelines
R. Budde, Rotterdam/NL
14:50 Detailed workflow
R. Salgado, Edegem/BE
15:10 Imaging and management of typical complications
P. Monney, Lausanne/CH
15:30 Discussion


Industry sponsored afternoon symposium “The Future of CT Imaging”
Moderator: F. Kümmel, Forchheim/DE

Medical Image Interpretation in the age of Artificial Intelligence
J. Aumüller, Forchheim/DE
Thoracic imaging with Tin Filter and 3D Camera positioning
H. Alkadhi,  Zurich/CH
Submillisivert Cardiac CT in Clinical Practice: Impact of low kV Scanning
T. Zitzelsberger,  Tuebingen/DE


ESCR: Educational Session 7 – State of the art: Imaging central & peripheral vascular disease
Moderators: S. Harden, Southampton/US

17:30 Aorta
C. Loewe, Vienna/AT
17:45 Supraaortic vessels
K. Blackham, Basel/CH
18:00 Renal arteries
C. Catalano, Rome/IT
18:15 Lower Limb
T. Leiner, Utrecht/NL

Friday, Room 5 (ESTI Workshop Room)

ESTI: Special Focus Session – Korean thoracic imaging

Moderators: N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

17:30 Moderator introduction
N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR
17:32 Clinicoradiologic significance of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis that a thoracic radiologist should know — based on the updated guideline by ERS/ESCMID
K.E. Shin, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do/KR
17:36 Recurrent pneumothorax: Important to investigate the cause of secondary spontaneous pneumothorax
S.Y. Shin, Seoul/KR
17:40 CT findings and prognostic CT features of seasonal influenza viral pneumonia in adults
K.E. Shin, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do/KR
17:44 Impact of the new IASLC staging system in East Asian patients with non-small cell lung cancer: With comparison to the IASLC 7th TNM edition
S.S. Shim, Seoul/KR
17:48 Differentiation between lymphangioleiomyomatosis and Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome: Analysis of pulmonary cysts on CT
E.J. Chae, Seoul/KR
17:52 Evaluation with quantitative measurement  developing airway-related physio-biologic marker using chest HRCT in COPD patients
Y-H. Kim, Gwangju/KR
17:56 Prediction of Prognosis for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis with Thin-Section CT findings: Visual and  Simple Quantitative Assessment
J.J. Woo, Seoul/KR
18:00 Influence of radiation dose and iterative reconstruction on pulmonary nodule volumetric measurement: A phantom study using wide-volume axial scan
H.N. Lee, Seoul/KR
18:04 Association between small pulmonary vascular area and mild airflow limitation in healthy smokers
M.J. Park, Junju/KR
18:08 Pleural invasion classification of primary lung cancer by a 3T MRI with radial T1-weighted 3D spoiled gradient echo sequence
W. Kwon, Wonju/KR
18:12 Planning of CT-guided Percutaneous Lung Biopsy Trajectory: Comparison Using Axial Images with Additional Sagittal Images for upper lobe lesions
S.S. Jou, Cheonan/KR
18:16 Clinical significance of lobe-specific emphysema index for prediction of prolonged air leak after anatomical segmentectomy
T.H. Kim, Seoul/KR
18:20 Salvage of suboptimal enhancement of pulmonary artery in chest CT: Experience using a dual-layer detector spectral CT
K.N. Jeon, Changwon/KR
18:24 Does the contrast enhancement influence diagnostic accuracy in coronary CT angiography using APS?
J.J. Kim, Jeju/KR
18:28 Discussion

SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2018

Saturday, Room 1

Joint Session: Update on large trials in cardiopulmonary diseases
Moderators: A. Devaraj, London/UK; M. Dewey, Berlin/DE

08:30 Interstitial Lung Disease trials
F. Luppi, Modena/IT
08:50 CT or Cath in stable chest pain: The DISCHARGE trial
M. Dewey, Berlin/DE
09:10 Screening lung cancer
M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL
09:30 Discussion


Joint Session: Systemic disease with cardiopulmonary involvement
Moderators: F. Molinari, Tourcoing/FR; L. Natale, Rome/IT

10:00 Connective tissue disorders and lung
C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL
10:20 Connective tissue disorders and myocardium
I. Carbone, Rome/IT
10:40 Granulomatous diseases of the lung
N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT
11:00 Granulomatous disease of the myocardium
N. Oyama-Manabe, Sapporo/JP


Joint Session: CT tissue characterisation and spectral imaging in cardiopulmonary diseases
Moderator: K. Gruszczyńska, Katowice/PL; X. Montet, Geneva/CH

13:00 Myocardial perfusion and late enhancement
S. Abbara, Texas/US
13:20 Pulmonary perfusion
M. Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR
13:40 Spectral CT
T. Leiner, Utrecht/NL
14:00 Discussion


Joint Session: Drug induced cardiopulmonary toxicity
Moderator: M. Francone, Rome/IT; I. Hartmann, Zwijndrecht/NL

14:30 Drug induced lung disease
C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL
14:50 Cancer cured but heart sick: Monitoring cardiotoxicity during chemotherapy
E. Mousseaux, Paris/FR
15:10 Recreational drugs abuse: An attack to cardiovascular system
M. Francone, Rome/IT
15:30 Discussion


Joint Session: Closing & Awardings – Future directions in cardiopulmonary imaging
Moderators: J. Bremerich, Basel/CH; N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH

16:00 Is hyperpolarized Xenon the future of pulmonary imaging?
F. Gleeson, Oxford/UK
16:20 Paradigm shifts in cardiovascular MRI
M. Stuber, Lausanne/CH
16:40 ESTI & ESCR awardings

Saturday, Room 2

ESTI: Scientific Session 5 – Airways and infection
Moderators: D. Adler, Geneva/CH; N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK

08:30 Moderator introduction
D. Adler, Geneva/CH; N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK
08:32 Multicentre Standardisation of Chest MRI as Radiation-Free Outcome Measure of Lung Disease in Young Children with Cystic Fibrosis
M. Wielpütz, Heidelberg/DE
08:46 Is there correlation between radiological and microbiological criteria to diagnose invasive pulmonary aspergillosis?

I. Pulzato, Genoa/IT
09:00 Unmasking COPD in patients excluded by the lower limit of normality
M. Occhipinti, Florence/IT
09:14 Perifissural nodule count as a biomarker for COPD GOLD stages and emphysema measurements?
A. Schreuder, Nijmegen/NL
09:28 Analysis of multi-parametric radiomics from low-dose CT scans for better discrimination be-tween non-emphysematous and emphysematous lung tissue
Y. Nagaraj, Groningen/NL
09:42 Discussion


ESTI: Mixed assortment
Moderator: G. Aviram, Tel-Aviv/IL; P-Y. Brillet, Bobigny/FR

10:00 Subsolid nodules
J.M. Goo, Seoul/KR
10:15 Smoking related ILD
J. Roos, Lucerne/CH
10:30 Mediastinal tumours
J.W. Song, Seoul/KR
10:45 MSK manifestations of chest diseases
C. Pfirrmann, Zurich/CH
11:00 Discussion


11:30-12:30 Industry sponsored satellite lunch symposium “Latest innovations for thoracic and cardiovascular CT imaging”
Moderator: L. Guiral, Paris/FR

How low can we go with ultra-low dose Chest CT?
M.-P. Revel, Cochin Hospital, Paris/FR
Ultra-Low dose CT: Indications and best practice in thoracic imaging
G. Ferretti, CHU, Grenoble/FR
Clinical benefits with large detector CT on Cardio-thoracic imaging
H. Alfke, Lüdenscheid/DE


ESTI: Scientific Session 6 – Lung cancer II
Moderators: A.R. Larici, Rome/IT; M. Silva, Parma/IT

13:00 Moderator introduction
A.R. Larici, Rome/IT; M. Silva, Parma/IT
13:02 Comparison of RECIST, iRECIST and PERCIST for evaluation of response to PD1-blockage therapy in patients with non-small lung cancer
L. Beer, Vienna/AT
13:12 Predicting Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Recurrence Risk: Radiomics Analysis of the Tumor and Peritumoral Lung Parenchyma on Computed Tomography
T. Akinci D’Antonoli, Rome/IT
13:22 Ultrasound guided cervical lymph node sampling in the staging and management of lung cancer
J. Baren, Leeds/UK
13:32 Can an annotation tool using standardized label segmentation improve TNM accuracy in NSCLC staging?
A.W. Sauter, Basel/CH
13:42 Radiological response of second-line Nivolumab therapy correlates with cancer stadium rather than patient’s gender, histology and genetic mutations (EGFR, KRAS)
D. Cozzi, Florence/IT
13:52 Multivariate modeling for benign vs malignant diagnosis in CT guided trans-thoracic biopsies: How well can we predict diagnosis based on clinical and CT imaging information?
E.J.M. Barbosa Jr., Philadelphia/US
14:02 Opportunistic Lung Cancer CT Screening in Outpatient Service in Germany: Frequency, Predictors and Quality
D. Schneider, Heidelberg/DE
14:12 Discussion


ESTI: Rad Path correlation
Moderators: J-C. Pache, Geneva/CH; M.O. Wielpütz, Heidelberg/DE

14:30 ILD
Y. Inoue, Osaka/JP; M. Kitaichi, Osaka/JP
15:00 Lung Cancer
J.M. Goo, Seoul/KR; S. Savic Prince, Basel/CH
15:30 Discussion

Saturday, Room 3+4

ESCR: Proffered Paper Session 5 – Myocardial Perfusion
Moderators: M. Hrabak Paar, Zagreb/HR; J. Lotz, Goettingen/DE

08:30 First-pass myocardial perfusion using dual-layer detector CT in healthy subjects: Impact of spectral reconstructions
D. Rotzinger, Lausanne/CH
08:40 Microvascular perfusion in infarcted and remote myocardium after successful primary PCI: Angiographic and CMR findings
A. Bethke, Oslo/NO
08:50 Modification of left ventricle myocardial perfusion reserve after the implantation of coronary sinus stent: A stress-rest CMR study
A. Palmisano, Milan/IT
09:00 A phantom-based validation method for myocardial perfusion imaging: Initial results in CT
M. Kamphuis, Enschede/NL
09:10 Relative myocardial perfusion on cardiac magnetic resonance for the assessment of lesion-specific coronary artery ischemia
O. Ghekiere, Liège/Hasselt/BE
09:20 Stress computed tomographic perfusion improve diagnostic accuracy of coronary computed tomographic angiography in intermediate to high risk patients for coronary artery disease
G. Muscogiuri, Milan/IT
09:30 Performance of visual Splenic Switch-off sign, splenic and myocardial T1-reactivity in the assessment of stress adequacy during adenosine Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
R. van Dijk, Groningen/NL
09:40 Discussion


ESCR: Educational Session 8 – ESCR meets Belgium: Pericardium, masses, and Belgian waffles
Moderator: A. Madureira, Porto/PT; R. Salgado, Edegem/BE

10:00 The forgotten Structure: Revisiting the pericardium
A. Nchimi Longang, Liege/BE
10:20 Imaging of Cardiac masses: A diagnostic strategy
J. Bogaert, Leuven/BE
10:40 Belgian Waffles and French Fries: Non-invasive cardiovascular risk assessment in the 21st century
R. Salgado, Edegem/BE
11:00 Discussion


ESCR: Proffered Paper Session 6 – MR and CT technical advances
Moderators: N. Galea, Rome/IT; A. Nchimi Longang, Liege/BE

13:00 A new approach to manage the absence of full recovery of the longitudinal magnetization between the Look-Locker blocs in MOLLI sequence: Temporal registration, in vitro and in vivo
H. Rebbah, Paris/FR
13:12 3D multimodal image fusion – combined information about cardiac morphology, coronary FFR, myocardial perfusion, and scar
J. von Spiczak, Zurich/CH
13:24 A new method for predicting splenic “switch-off” sign: Splenic T2-mapping
T. D’Angelo, Messina/IT
13:36 Compressed Sensing real-time cine imaging in patients with cardiac arrhythmia: Does it help to reduce mis-triggering artifacts?
F. Pontana, Lille/FR
13:48 Quantification of the Extracellular Volume Fraction (ECV) with Cardiac CT – Comparison with Cardiac MR
D. Vignale, Milan/IT
14:00 Non-binary Myocardial Infarct Quantification Technique Accounting for Partial Volume Averaging – Feasibility of Application of Percent Infarct Mapping in Patients
D. Mastrodicasa, Charleston/US
14:12 Discussion


ESCR: Educational Session 9 – ESCR meets ASCI: Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathy
Moderator: L. Natale, Rome/IT; H. Sakuma, Mie/JP

14:30 CMR in Cardiac Sarcoidosis
N. Oyama-Manabe, Sapporo/JP
14:45 CMR in Cardiac Amyloidosis
L. Natale, Rome/IT
15:00 Value of T1 mapping in DCM – Pro
I. Carbone, Rome/IT
15:15 Value of T1 mapping in DCM – Con
J.I. Jung, Seoul/KR
15:30 Discussion