Wednesday, Workshop Room

High resolution CT
Moderators: tba

13:00 Secondary pulmonary lobule anatomy and nodular pattern
H. Prosch, Vienna/AT
13:18 Linear and reticular pattern
F. Molinari, Tourcoing/FR
13:36 GGO opacities and consolidation
M. Silva, Parma/IT
13:54 Approach to cystic lung diseases
A. Oikonomou, Toronto/CA
14:12 How to diagnose fibrotic lung diseases
D. Lynch, Denver/US


Lung nodule management
Moderators: tba

15:00 Radiological assessment
T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH
15:20 Characterization
A.R. Larici, Rome/IT
15:40 Management guidelines
A. Devaraj, London/UK


Chest radiography
Moderators: tba

16:30 A chest radiography reading guide
N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH
16:45 Alveolar, interstitial and nodular syndromes
M. Schiebler, Wisconsin/US
17:00 Lobar atelectasis
A. Leung, Stanford/US
17:15 Pleural syndrome
A.P. Parkar, Bergen/NO
17:30 Mediastinal syndromes
L. Goodman, Milwaukee/US

THURSDAY, MAY 09, 2019

Thursday, Room 1

Scientific Session 1
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Opening Session
Moderators: tba

10:00 Welcome from the 2019 congress presidents
M-P. Revel, Paris/FR, tbc
10:05 Thoracic applications of AI: Threat or opportunity?
E. Siegel, Baltimore/US


Oncology: Lung cancer in 2019

Moderators: tba

10:30 Current trends in worldwide lung cancer epidemiology
10:52 The new TNM system: Changes and limitations
A.R. Larici, Rome/IT
11:14 Immunotherapy: How can imaging help to evaluate the response?
C. Caramella, Villejuif/FR
11:36 Do not forget the patient: Sarcopenia and other comorbidities
11:58 Discussion


CT lung cancer screening

Moderators: tbc

13:30 Summary of current evidence, results from the Nelson study
M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL
13:52 Best technical imaging standards in CT lung cancer screening
A. Snoeckx, Edegem/BE
14:14 Risk models and biomarkers: Do they improve screening?
M. Silva, Parma/IT
14:36 Psychological impact of screening
J. Brodersen, Copenhagen/DK
14:58 US experience after implementation
15:20 Discussion


Radiation dose

Moderators: tba

16:00 Dose optimization for thoracic CT: The MEDIRAD project
16:22 How do I evaluate CT radiation dose
D. Tack, Braine-L’Alleud/BE
16:44 Ultra-low dose CT protocols: Clinical indications
G. Ferretti, Grenoble/FR
17:06 Imaging the lung with no dose: Current role of MRI
J. Biederer, Sehheim-Jugenheim/DE
17:28 Discussion

Thursday, Room 2

Scientific Session 2
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Functional imaging
Moderators: M. Schiebler, Madison/US; tba

10:30 Evaluating the pulmonary perfusion
M. Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR
10:52 Functional imaging in COPD
J.B. Seo, Seoul/KR
11:14 Evaluating the CF patient
M.O. Wielpütz, Heidelberg/DE
11:36 New trends in functional imaging
E. Hoffman, Iowa/US
11:58 Discussion


COPD and other inhalation diseases
Moderators: tba

13:30 Current trends in COPD epidemiology and smoking epidemic
13:52 From pathology to imaging: Lessons from micro-CT
J. Hogg, Vancouver/CA
14:14 Smoking-related interstitial lung disease
J. Galvin, Silver Spring/US
14:36 Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: An update
A. Devaraj, London/UK
14:58 Aspiration: Imaging manifestations
J. Ryu, Rochester/US
15:20 Discussion


KSTI and FSTI joint session
Moderator: M. Lederlin, Rennes/FR; tba

16:00 Hemoptysis: KSTI guidelines
16:15 Hemoptysis embolization: 10 year experience
A. Khalil, Paris/FR
16:30 Korean presentations (oral & poster)

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019

Friday, Room 1

Scientific Session 3
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Guidelines and practice
Moderators: tba

10:30 Fleischner Society guidelines for solid and subsolid nodules management
H. MacMahon, Chicago/US
10:50 STR guidelines for evaluating suspected pulmonary embolism during pregnancy
A. Leung, Stanford/US
11:10 Guidelines for lung cancer screening: European and US perspectives
A. Bankier, Boston/US
11:30 Multidisciplinary conferences: Where is and how do we quantify “added value”
J. Verschakelen, Leuven/BE
11:50 Discussion


Radiomics and deep learning
Moderators: tba

13:30 Radiomics: How does it work?
L. Fournier, Paris/FR
13:52 Deep learning: How does it work?
M. Vakalopoulou, Saclay/FR
14:14 Radiomics: Characterization or prognosis tool in lung cancer?
J.M. Goo, Seoul/KR
14:36 Deep learning for classification and quantification of lung fibrosis
G. Chassagnon, Paris/FR
14:58 Deep learning for detection and characterization of lung nodules
B. van Ginneken, Nijmegen/NL
15:20 Discussion


Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF): An update
Moderators: tba

16:00 New IPF criteria: Impact on imaging and treatment
D. Lynch, Denver/US
16:22 Acute exacerbation: Current definition, differentials and imaging features
N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT
16:44 Novel treatments: What have they changed or improved?
L. Richeldi, Rome/IT
17:06 Computed Tomographic Biomarkers in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
17:28 Discussion

Friday, Room 2

Scientific Session 4
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Vascular diseases
Moderators: tba

10:30 Pulmonary hypertension: Role of CT
N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK
10:50 Large vessel vasculitis
E. Castañer González, Sabadell/ES
11:10 Small vessel vasculitis
S. Bhalla, St. Louis/US
11:30 Acute aortic syndromes
D. Litmanovich, Boston/US
11:50 Discussion


Acute and chronic pulmonary embolism
Moderators: tba

13:30 Acute and chronic pulmonary embolism: Diagnostic imaging strategies
L. Haramati, Bronx/US
13:52 The role of CT for risk stratification in acute PE
G. Aviram, Tel-Aviv/IL
14:14 New MR sequences: Current performance and remaining limitations
B. Ghaye, Brussels/BE
14:36 Subsegmental PE: Definition and evidence-based management
C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL
14:58 Evaluating PE with dual layer CT
E. Coche, Brussels/BE
15:20 Discussion


ESTI meets STR: Infection
Moderatos: T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH; tba

16:00 TB: The role of imaging in the worldwide battle
R. Gill, Lexington/US
16:22 Emerging infections: What can imaging tell us?
T. Franquet, Barcelona/ES
16:44 The many faces of pulmonary aspergillosis: A memoir
W. Gefter, Wynnewood/US
17:06 HIV infection: Current trends with a special focus on Africa and on adolescents
17:28 Discussion

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2019

Saturday, Room 1

General Assembly
> for active ESTI members!


Moderators: tba

> Programme tba


Film Panel
Moderators: P. Grenier, Paris/FR; N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH

Team 1
C. de Margerie-Mellon, Paris/FR; R. Gill, Lexington/US; A. Oikonomou, Toronto/CA; C. Ridge, London/UK

Team 2
L. Goodman, Milwaukee/US; N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT; G. Rubin, Stanford/US; C. White, Baltimore/US”


Thoracic intervention
Moderators: tba

13:00 Percutaneous lung nodule biopsy: Tips & tricks
C. Ridge, London/UK
13:22 Imaging-guided bronchoscopic biopsy: New indications and strategies
A. Mehta, Moreland Hills/US
13:44 Percutaneous ablation of lung malignancies
J. Klein, Williston/US
14:06 Pleural interventions
F. Gleeson, Oxford/UK
14:28 Closed chest limited anatomical pulmonary resections: The role of new imaging modalities
D. Gossot, Paris/FR
14:50 Discussion


Honorary Membership & Awardings
Moderators: M-P. Revel, Paris/FR; tba

15:15 Honorary Lecture “Why I am happy to be a chest radiologist and what I have to do to keep it that way in 10 years”
C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL

M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

Saturday, Room 2

Scientific Session 5
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ESTI meets KSTR – Korean oral/poster presentations
Moderators: tba