Please note the programme is still subject to modifications.


Thursday, May 09, 2024

Room 1

08:30-10:00 CXR: Basic course from the Golden Age Radiologists
   Moderators: N. Howarth, Chêne-Bougeries/CH; A.R. Larici, Rome/IT

Frontal view, J. Vilar Samper, Valencia/ES
Lateral view, J. Vilar Samper, Valencia/ES
Case-based CXR, T. Franquet, Barcelona/ES


10:10-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-12:00 Instructional Course on HRCT: Back to basics I
   Moderators: P. Grenier, Saint Cloud/FR; J. Verschakelen, Leuven/BE

The secondary pulmonary lobule: The holy grail of thoracic imaging, H. Prosch, Vienna/AT
The nodular pattern made easy, G. Cicchetti, Rome/IT
The cystic pattern made easy, A. Oikonomou, Toronto/CA


12:00-12:15 Break
12:15-13:15 Industry sponsored lunch symposium
13:15-13:30 Break


13:30-14:00 Opening Ceremony

A.R. Larici, Rome/IT


14:00-15:30 Lung Cancer Screening: An update
   Moderator: C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL

What happened in 2023 and what’s on the roadmap for 2024 and 2025?, M-P. Revel, Paris/FR
ESTI paper on definition of positive, indeterminate and negative screen, M. Silva, Parma/IT
Incidental findings: Definition and management, A. Snoeckx, Edegem/BE
AI in the era of lung cancer screening: Where are we now?, C. Jacobs, Nijmegen/NL
Perspectives for lung cancer screening with MRI, J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE


15:30-16:30 Scientific Session 1


16:30-17:00 Coffee Break


17:00-18:30 Instructional Course: Pearls and pitfalls in imaging of thoracic emergencies
   Moderators: G. Aviram, Tel Aviv/IL; L. Natale, Rome/IT

Trauma: Non vascular injury, E. Dick, London/UK
Acute Dyspnea: Edema, ARDS and differential Diagnoses, J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE
Acute chest pain: Non cardiac causes, G. Chassagnon, Paris/FR

Room 2

10:30-12:00 Joint Session: ESTI/Fleischner/KSTR
   Moderators: A. Parkar, Bergen/NO; J.B. Seo, Seoul/KR

The new glossary from the Fleischner Society, TBA
Updates in Lung-RADS, J.M Goo, Seoul/KR
AI in Chest Radiograph: How to improve our clinical practice, E.J Hwang, Seoul/KR
Post-acute COVID-19 sequelae, S.H. Yoon/KR
Trends in the incidence of pulmonary nodules in chest CT, C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL


14:00-15:30 Instructional Course on HRCT: Back to basics II
   Moderators: H. Prosch, Vienna/AT; C. Romei, Pisa/IT

Tackling reticular abnormalities, F. Molinari, Tourcoing/FR
Tackling chronic ground glass opacities, W. De Wever, Leuven/BE
The end game: Differential diagnosis of fibrosing lung diseases, L. Calandriello, Rome/IT


15:30-16:30 Scientific Session 2


16:30-17:00 Coffee Break


17:00-18:30 Multidisciplinary Session: COPD
   Moderators: P. Grenier, Saint Cloud/FR; M. Occhipinti, Collesalvetti/IT

COPD – What pulmonologists need to know, TBA
COPD – The answers from radiologists, J. Verschakelen, Leuven/BE
Imaging of COPD complications, E. Van Beek, Edinburgh/UK
Interventional treatments for COPD, TBA



Friday, May 10, 2024

Room 1

07:30-08:00 ESTI General Assembly


08:00-09:30 Technical advances in CT: Just new tools or gamechangers?
   Moderators: Moderators: A. Christe, Bern/CH; M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL

Photon-counting CT, T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH
Upright CT, Y. Ohno, Toyoake/JP
Dual-energy CT, M. Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR
Optimal use of contrast media: How low can we go?, G. Milanese, Parma/IT


09:30-10:30 Scientific Session 3


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:00 Instructional Course: Advances in chest intervention
   Moderators: S. Padley, London/UK; C.A. Ridge, London/UK

Advances in interventional maneuvers: From diagnosis …, R. Cazzato, Strasbourg/FR
Advances in interventional maneuvers: … to therapy, R. Iezzi, Rome/IT
Complications: From risk factors to management, T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH


12:00-12:15 Break
12:15-13:15 Industry sponsored lunch symposium
13:15-13:30 Break


13:30-14:45 Will AI make ILD easy?
   Moderators: L. Calandriello, Rome/IT; A. Devaraj, London/UK

Different patterns of ILD, A. Nair, London/UK
Quantification and prognosis, J. Jacob, London/UK
AI application: What did we learn so far?, G. Chassagnon, Paris/FR


14:45-15:15 Honorary Lecture & Awarding
   Moderators: J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE; A.R. Larici, Rome/IT

The role of HRCT in ILD: Evolution from diagnosis to treatment choice, N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT


15:15-15:45 Coffee Break


15:45-17:15 Multidisciplinary Session on Lung Cancer
   Moderators: T. Blum, Berlin/DE; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

Introduction, T. Blum, Berlin/DE
The surgeon’s perspective, TBA
The oncologist’s perspective, F. Passiglia, Turin/IT
The radiation oncologist’s perspective, S. Ramella, Rome/IT
The radiologist’s perspective, M.A. Sanchez Gonzalez, Barcelona/ES
Panel Discussion: “The role of the tumour board”, All speakers of the session


17:15-18:15 Image interpretation quiz (LIVE VOTING)

D. Manos, Halifax/CA; M. Radikė, Liverpool/UK

Room 2

08:00-09:30 Non-thoracic findings on routine chest CT: What to report and what not?
   Moderators: R. Marano, Rome/IT; F. Molinari, Tourcoing/FR

Cardiac, R. Vliegenthart, Groningen/NL
Breast, P. Clauser, Vienna/AT
Bone and muscle, A.P. Parkar, Bergen/NO


09:30-10:30 Scientific Session 4


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:00 Radiomics and personalised approach to lung cancer
   Moderator: A. Farchione, Rome/IT

Basic principles and technical evolution, L. Boldrini, Rome/IT
A personalised approach to lung cancer, F. Gleeson, Oxford/UK
Where are we now: Limits and challenges, M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL


13:30-14:45 Challenging Cases: Interactive session (LIVE VOTING)
Moderator: J. Dinkel, Munich/DE

Challenging ILD cases, C.P. Heussel, Heidelberg/DE
Challenging lung nodule cases, M-P.Revel, Paris/FR
Take home messages, J. Dinkel, Munich/DE


15:15-15:45 Coffee Break


15:45-17:15 ESTI meets ESCR
   Moderators: J. Bremerich, Basel/CH; R. Vliegenthart, Groningen/NL

Imaging acute aortic syndrome, G. Aviram, Tel Aviv/IL
Imaging post-operative aorta, M. Francone, Rome/IT
Pulmonary hypertension: What role for the radiologist?, N. Screaton, Cambridge/UK
CT in the routine follow-up after heart transplantation, R. Budde, Rotterdam/NL



Saturday, May 11, 2024

Room 1

08:00-09:00 Granulomatous lung diseases (infectious and noninfectious)
   Moderators: I. Hartmann, Rotterdam/NL; C. Pozzessere, Pully/CH

Tuberculosis: A new look to an old disease, E. Castañer González, Castelldefels/ES
Non tuberculous mycobacteria: A diagnostic challenge, J. Babar, Cambridgeshire/UK
Noninfectious granulomatous lung diseases, M. Both, Kiel/DE


09:00-10:00 Scientific Session 5


10:00-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-12:00 ESTI meets SIRM
   Moderator: C. Catalano, Rome/IT

Education of chest radiology in Italy, N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT
LCS in Italy, R.E. Ledda, Parma/IT
Structured reporting in fibrotic ILD, S. Palmucci, Catania/IT
Still room for chest radiograph in pulmonary disease?, E. Baratella, Trieste/IT


12:00-12:15 Break
12:15-13:15 Industry sponsored lunch symposium
13:15-13:30 Break


13:30-15:00 9th edition of the TNM classification for thoracic cancers
   Moderators: G. Milanese, Parma/IT; A. Parkar, Bergen/NO

Lung cancer staging: Updates, limitations and perspectives, H. Prosch, Vienna/AT
Staging of pleural mesotheliomas reloaded, I. Hartmann, Rotterdam/NL
Staging of thymic tumors – What is new and what do I need to know, A. Snoeckx, Edegem/BE


15:00-16:00 Thoracic Ultrasound
   Moderators: L. Cardinale, Turin/IT; T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH

Ultrasound of the lung, M. Radzina, Riga/LV
Ultrasound of the pleura, I. Vollmer Torrubiano, Barcelona/ES
Ultrasound for thoracic intervention, C.P. Heussel, Heidelberg/DE


16:00-16:30 Coffee Break


16:30-17:30 Imaging after treatment of lung cancer
   Moderators: A. Farchione, Rome/IT; B. Ghaye, Liege/BE

Drug-induced abnormalities in lung cancer patients, C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL
From wedge to pneumonectomy: Imaging of surgical complications, S. Padley, London/UK
Radiotherapy for lung cancer: Recurrence or treatment effect?, A. Oikonomou, Toronto/CA


17:30-18:00 Closing and Awardings

A.R. Larici, Rome/IT

Room 2

08:00-09:00 Is there something new in the ILD?
   Moderator: S. Palmucci, Catania/IT

Phenotyping sarcoidosis, N. Sivarasan, London/UK
ILA: Imaging prognostic marker, J.B. Seo, Seoul/KR
Progressive pulmonary fibrosis: A paradigm shift with impact on treatment, A. Devaraj, London/UK


09:00-10:00 Scientific Session 6


10:00-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-12:00 Airway disease: From basics to advanced imaging
   Moderators: J. Babar, Cambridgeshire/UK; F. Gleeson, Oxford/UK

Imaging of the trachea and proximal airways, P-Y. Brillet, Bobigny/FR
Imaging bronchiectasis: What’s new, M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL
Qualitative and quantitative CT assessment of COPD, M. Occhipinti, Collesalvetti/IT
MRI for the assessment of patients with COPD, J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE


13:30-15:00 Not only Infections
   Moderators: E. Castañer González, Castelldefels/ES; R. Polverosi, Padua/IT

Infectious diseases in immunocompromised patients, T. Franquet, Barcelona/ES
CAP – Community acquired pneumonias, TBA
The many faces of pulmonary aspiration, T. Franquet, Barcelona/ES


15:00-16:00 Instructional Course: Pitfalls in thoracic imaging (LIVE VOTING)
Moderator: C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL

Pitfalls in nodule management, A. Kerpel-Fronius, Budapest/HU
Lung cancer staging – Tips and tricks, M. Silva, Parma/IT
Interstitial lung diseases – Not what it seems, C.A. Ridge, London/UK


16:00-16:30 Coffee Break


16:30-17:30 Multidisciplinary Session on ILD
   Moderators: N. Sverzellati, Parma/IT; C. Vancheri, Catania/IT

Treatment of ILD in a nutshell, L. Richeldi, Rome/IT
New diagnostic biomarkers for UIP, TBA
New horizons in research of ILD, TBA