ESTI Diploma


Aim(s) and target group

The European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI) is proud to introduce the ‘European Diploma in Thoracic Imaging’ (ESTI Diploma) with the beginning of 2019. This diploma shall be a common European qualification for thoracic radiology imagers and will help to standardise training and expertise in thoracic imaging across Europe. The ESTI Diploma has been submitted for endorsement to the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

The European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI) aims to unify and offer the acquisition of thoracic imaging competencies and certificates. Consequently, a curriculum for the European Diploma in Thoracic Imaging (ESTI Diploma) was developed as concrete implementation of the ESR European Training Curriculum (ETC) for Subspecialisation in Radiology (Level III) for chest radiology using the Six-Step Approach by Kern [1]. As the curricula of both ETC Level III and ESTI Diploma have a modular structure based on anatomical regions, the learning objectives were also grouped this way.

The candidates have to be fully trained, licensed and practising radiologists with at least one year of subspecialty training. Full subspecialisation should only take place after the designated time for radiology residency, which should usually be no less than 5 years. For candidates with less than 5 years of training ‘Proof of experience’ as a supervised staff radiologist is required.

Diploma responsible person

ESTI Secretary: Dr. Anagha P. Parkar, Bergen/NO

General Information

General Information

1. The ESTI Diploma is acquired in 3 steps
– Step 1: Email Application
– Step 2: Completion of all requirements (eligibility criteria)
– Step 3: Written examination
2. Only a limited number of candidates can be accepted for examination, which will be held on meeting occasions like the annual ESTI congress or during ECR in Vienna. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis depending on the date of receipt of application form. Early application is therefore recommended.
3. The result of the examination will produce a total score for each candidate.
4. Upon decision, a list of pass and fail candidates will be produced and candidates will be informed accordingly by email.
5. Successful candidates will be awarded the ESTI Diploma.


Successful candidates will be awarded the European Diploma in Thoracic Imaging.

Handling Fee

Full member: € 400.00
Corresponding member: € 600.00
Re-Examination: € 200.00
Re-Accreditation: € 50.00

Step 1

STEP 1 – Email Application

Please send an email to in order to add your name to the Diploma list. From now on you will be included in the mailing and newsletter list to be up-to-date. Furthermore, you can now start to complete all requirements of Step 2.

Step 2

STEP 2 – Completion of all requirements (eligibility criteria)

The eligibility criteria are again under review and will be updated soon.

Step 3

STEP 3 – Examination

Once met the requirements from Step 2, the candidate can apply for the examination and will undergo a final examination. The examination takes place twice a year, once at the ESTI annual meeting and once during ECR.
The examination consists of a written component only. Each candidate will be examined by ESTI qualified examiners.

Written examination
The written examination will be run using a qualified software like the EDiR software or similar:
– 20 multiple choice questions (4 answer options/1 or more are correct)
– 4 short cases
– 6 pictorial/annotate multiple choice questions (4 answer options/1 or more are correct)
– No negative marking for incorrect answers
– The exam lasts 60 minutes
– Candidates knowledge will be tested in all aspects relevant to thoracic imaging such as anatomy, physiology, clinical practice, pathology, protocols, quality parameters.


First Examination

The first examination is scheduled for ESTI 2019, to be held in Paris/FR, from May 09-11, 2019.
Application for the first examination will open in summer 2018.


Diploma renewal after five years

The maintenance criteria are again under review and will be updated soon.