Lung Cancer Screening practical part

LCS workshops


New date: March 2022 – on occasion of ECR 2022

Workshop 1: in cooperation with Aidence; Tutor: Dr. Arjun Nair, University College London
Workshop 2: in cooperation with MeVis; Tutor: Dr. Anand Devaraj, Royal Brompton Hospital

Both workshops are fully booked; registration is closed.
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on occasion of ECR 2022 in Vienna


Workshop description/learning objectives

In the workshop, the radiologist will become familiar with
– how CAD marks are displayed and accepted/rejected
– how volumetry (3D segmentation of nodules by the computer) is computed
– how volumetry can be adjusted if the segmentation is not satisfactory
– how volumetry can be computed on lesions missed by CAD but seen by the radiologist
– how to make a diameter measurement if volumetry fails
– how subsolid nodules are handled
– how part-solid nodules are handled and how the total volume and volume of the solid core is measured
– how a nodule in a f/u scan is linked to the same nodule in a prior scan
– how to compute volume doubling time or growth rate and determine a management category per nodule
– other tools that can help with other findings, e.g. coronary calcification and emphysema
– get a possibility to practice with many cases from lung cancer screening programs and gain hands-on experience with modern AI tools for lung cancer screening


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