Past Meetings

Year Conference City President Material
2024 30th Annual Meeting Rome/IT A.R. Larici Programme
2023 Winter Course 2023 Reykjavik/IS A.P. Parkar Programme
2023 29th Annual Meeting/ESCR Joint Meeting Berlin/DE J. Biederer Programme
2022 Winter Course 2022 Reykjavik/IS A.P. Parkar Programme
2022 28th Annual Meeting Oxford/UK F. Gleeson Programme
2021 Winter Course 2021 – Online Edition Online A.P. Parkar
F. Gleeson
2020 Winter Course 2020 – Online Edition Online A.P. Parkar
F. Gleeson
2019 Winter Course 2019 Tromso/NO A.P. Parkar Programme
2019 27th Annual Meeting/Fleischner Joint Meeting Paris/FR M-P. Revel Programme
2018 Winter Course 2018 Tromso/NO A.P. Parkar Programme
2018 26th Annual Meeting/ESCR Joint Meeting Geneva/CH N. Howarth Programme
2017 25th Annual Meeting/4th World Congress Boston/US N. Sverzellati  
2016 24th Annual Meeting Krakow/PL N. Karabulut Programme
2015 23rd Annual Meeting/Fleischner Joint Meeting Barcelona/ES T. Franquet Programme
2014 22nd Annual Meeting Amsterdam/NL C. Schaefer-Prokop Programme
2013 21st Annual Meeting/3rd World Congress Seoul/KR M. Remy-Jardin Programme
2012 20th Annual Meeting London/UK S. Desai Programme
2011 19th Annual Meeting Heidelberg/DE H.U. Kauczor Book of abstracts
2010 18th Annual Meeting Bern/CH P. Vock Programme
2009 17th Annual Meeting/2nd World Congress Valencia/ES J. Vilar Programme
2008 16th Annual Meeting Nice/FR P. Grenier Programme
2007 15th Annual Meeting Athens/GR K. Malagari Book of abstracts
2006 14th Annual Meeting Prague/CZ J. Neuwirth Programme
2005 13th Annual Meeting/1st World Congress Florence/IT D. Hansell  
2004 12th Annual Meeting Bordeaux/FR F. Laurent  
2003 11th Annual Meeting Lausanne/CH P. Schnyder  
2002 10th Annual Meeting Brugge/BE J. Verschakelen  
2001 9th Annual Meeting Rome/IT L. Bonomo  
2000 8th Annual Meeting Salzburg/AT C. Herold  
1999 7th Annual Meeting Barcelona/ES J. Caceres  
1998 6th Annual Meeting Bologna/IT G. Gavelli  
1997 5th Annual Meeting Brussels/BE R. Dondelinger  
1996 4th Annual Meeting London/UK P. Armstrong  
1995 3rd Annual Meeting Wurzburg/DE D. Hahn  
1994 2nd Annual Meeting Paris/FR J. Remy  
1993 1st Annual Meeting Luxembourg/LU R. Dondelinger  
1992 Premliminary Meeting Grenoble/FR