ESTI Lung Cancer Screening Certification Project



The advent of Lung Cancer Screening (LCS), will improve survival in patients at risk of developing lung cancer. It is important to ensure that LCS is practiced at a similar quality level to the trials that have proven its value, in order to ensure that there is maximal benefit from its introduction. The European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI) plans to introduce the ‘European certification in nodule assessment and lung cancer screening” (ESTI LCS certification) at the beginning of 2020. This certification shall be a common European qualification for nodule assessment and for lung cancer screening. The objective is to standardise training and expertise quality across Europe.

The ESTI LCS certification project is supported by the European Society of Radiology (ESR).


LCS project responsible person
Prof. Marie-Pierre Revel, Paris/FR

General Information

General Information

1. The ESTI LCS certification is acquired in 3 steps
– Step 1: Email Application
– Step 2: Completion of all requirements (eligibility criteria)
– Step 3: Written examination
2. Only a limited number of candidates can be accepted for workshops and the examination, which will be held on meeting occasions like the annual ESTI congress or during ECR in Vienna. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis depending on the date of receipt of application form. Early application is therefore recommended.
3. The result of the examination will produce a total score for each candidate.
4. Upon decision, a list of pass and fail candidates will be produced and candidates will be informed accordingly by email.


Successful candidates will be awarded the ESTI Lung Cancer Screening Certification.

Handling Fee for the final examination

Full member: € 200.00
Corresponding member: € 300.00
Re-Examination: € 100.00

Additional fees for workshops, case-based lectures and sessions may apply.


Step 1 - Email Application

STEP 1 – Email Application

Please send an email to in order to add your name to the LCS interest list. From now on you will be included in the mailing and newsletter list to be up-to-date. Furthermore, you can now start to complete all requirements of Step 2.


Step 2 - Completion of all requirements

STEP 2 – Completion of all requirements (eligibility criteria)


a) Application form
The completed application form must be submitted to the ESTI Office.

b) Certification
Certification as a specialist in radiology is required.

c) Proof of practice
The ESTI LCS certification may only be awarded to fully trained, licensed, and practising radiologists. Specialists from other fields and radiologists no longer in practice are specifically excluded from being granted the ESR supported ESTI LCS certification. For the purposes of this requirement, a proof of practice has to be provided. Chest CT has to be a significant part of the practice (a minimum of 200 chest CT scans to be read/year).

d) Curriculum vitae
A one-page curriculum vitae (CV) has to be provided.

e) ESTI and ESR membership
Applicants have to be active full or corresponding radiologist members in good standing of ESTI and ESR, in the year(s) of application and examination.

f) Attendance at workshops on how to use CAD and AI software
Organised on occasion of ECR or at ESTI annual meetings. These workshops will be organised in collaboration with the industry but driven by members of the ESTI LCS working group.
A certificate of attendance of at least one (1) workshop has to be provided. Details are available on the ESTI CAD/AI workshop page.

g) Attendance at case-based sessions on lung nodule diagnosis and management
Organised on occasion of ECR or at ESTI annual meetings.
A certificate of attendance of at least one (1) case-based session has to be provided. Details are available on the ESTI case-based session page.

h) Six (6) LCS Webinars
To become fully informed you are expected to attend and/or review the ESTI LCS webinars. The information provided by the webinars will be part of the curriculum and included in the certification. Details are available on the ESTI LCS webinar page.


Step 3 - Examination

STEP 3 – (Case-based) Examination

Once met the requirements from Step 2, the candidate can apply for the examination and will undergo a final LCS certification test. The examination may take place twice a year, once at the ESTI annual meeting and once during ECR.
The LCS certification test consists of a written component only. Each candidate will be examined by ESTI qualified examiners.

Written examination
The written examination will be run using a qualified software like the EDiR software or similar:
– 60 cases/questions of lung nodule assessment and management
– Candidates knowledge will be tested in all aspects relevant to nodule assessment and lung cancer screening
– To obtain certification, a passmark of 90% is required


Technical standards

Please click here to download the technical standards:
> Technical standards


Structured report basic template

Please click here to download the structured report basic template:
> Structured report basic template



Next Examination: ESTI 2020 Oxford examination is cancelled > next examination date is to be announced
Application is closed.

For your application kindly complete the application form and return it to the ESTI Office for approval by the ESTI LCS working group.

The ESTI Office will confirm the receipt of the candidates application and all required additional information once received. If a candidate cannot provide all entry criteria by the stated deadline, his/her registration for the certification will be cancelled. Candidates judged to have satisfied the entry criteria will be eligible to take the examination and informed accordingly by the ESTI Office.

>> ESTI LCS Application Form <<

In case of any questions regarding the ESTI LCS project or its examination, please do not hesitate to contact the ESTI Office:



LCS certification renewal after four (4) years

ESTI will renew the Lung Cancer Screening Certification every four years for full/corresponding radiologist members in
good standing of ESTI and ESR and after passing the test/exam in the respective year again.


Re-Examination, Cancellation


In case a candidate did not pass the ESTI Lung Cancer Screening certification test he/she has the possibility to retake the examination one year later. A reduced fee of € 100.00 will be granted for a re-examination.


No refunds can be provided if the applicant withdraws his/her application after acceptance of the same. If applying again for the next examination, only 50% of the respective handling fee will be charged.